Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bargains at the Capital Club doll show today...

Today I met some friends at the annual Capital doll club show that was held at the Showplace center, same place, same time in February every year. My Va. Fashion doll club always rents two or three tables and alot of the ladies donate older items to sell for their own profit or the club's profit. The show didn't have the deals it did last year- I was in diorama heaven. But I did find this beauty for $10 underneath three huge stuffed animals. One of the pluses of this show is some of the doll club members rent tables to clear out their collections, some items hardly worn or used and some never removed from the box.
This dollhouse I believe, correct me if I'm wrong everyone- but is the Happy Family foldup dollhouse. It looks like it is missing a few pieces like furniture inside. But it still works.
Here is the first floor, entrance/living room, doors still work with the built in washer and dryer, and then the kitchen nook with fireplace.If this thing has sounds, I haven't had a chance to see if they are present &/or work.
Bathroom is intact even down to the shower curtain.
This is a side view of the outside exterior.
This is a view of the bedroom with bath. A few pieces may be missing as far as furniture, but it is a toss up now to see who will get this house.
Ann Marie, however, the local real estate agent in Barbietown (she hung up acting when real estate became more profitable in Barbietown) thinks it will sell or even rent quickly!
She does a walkthrough of the house, pleased that the flip crew will not have that much to do except painting and flooring!
A little tile cleaner, a little paint!
 Ann Marie is pleased the furniture is in good condition as well- if they rent the place they can charge more because of the furniture! (always thinking of a way to make a quick turn around on her investment!)

Basically, this bargain $10 dollhouse, some doll stands from the stand guy (he comes to all the shows and has booths at some of the antique malls in Richmond) and a pair of French fashion doll shoes from Tarheel Creations by Sylvia Butler who sold me Annabelle and makes the most incredible period fashions , and that was it for my spending. With Barbie Collector having a great sale, I was more rigid in my purchasing, as I have some other extra expenses this month. I am also currently working on acquiring props for the one room schoolhouse diorama I am planning on doing for Laura and Mary Ingalls for my Little House diorama project, so I have found the perfect schooldesk props just waiting for the auctions to finish. So will have alot of dolly purchases coming into the blog soon. I'm thinking that Nicole and Darren might use this house, since they are new to town, though Poppy and Ryan might need a place too. Or some of the other new families coming to the town too.


Vanessa said...

Congrats! Definitely a steal at $10. It does make sound, so give it a try.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: the dollhouse is awesome. Great buy. Ann Marie is wearing a very stylish outfit. We keep in touch.