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Photostory: Poppy & Ryan....

Time for another little photostory again! Last time, we left the crew at McDonald's diner hanging when Willow called Brie a 'big stupidhead" as that was the worst she could think of at that time to call someone. Click HERE to read Part ll of that photostory that involved Ricky's and Brie's lunch date, and how it ended.
Things were just beginning to heat up between Poppy Parker and Ryan. So let's see how that continues.

Things are beginning to get busy in the middle of the day at the McDonald's Diner in Barbietown. Poppy is eating lunch there, but Ryan is too busy to stop. However, they are not the only ones having to eat on the run.

Everyone is eating lunch today! Hardly any tables left. Hannah is wating on a long line of customers, while Ryan speaks with Poppy a minute during the lunch rush.

Charlotte is having a cup of coffee with Yuri-San, before heading back to the school. Yuri-San works at an advertising agency in town, and they have been friends for ages.
Bob and Becky Greene, unfortunately have their hands full. Becky has taken on some additional 'babysitting' during the week to bring in a little extrra money. One of her jobs is to take children from their day care to their after school activities, and drop them off. Today she has three children- Kit and Rebecca, who have cheer leading practice, and Maizie, who has to be dropped off at the local day care.

'hon, are you and the kids ready?" Bob asks.
"Just a minute, the girls are finishing their sodas, and Maizie is almost finished.' Becky replies.
"How many days this week do you have to do this?' Bob asks in despair. He is really tired after the long day at the construction site.
"Not too long! Your mom is getting takeout at the window, and she will drop off Maizie, we will drop off the girls at their cheer practice. I have to let their moms know."
"Ok, but what about our own kids??' Bob asks. He hs a hard time understanding how Becky does it all.
"Your mom will pick them up after she drops off Maizie at the day care. Steven is there today."
Meanwhile, Tina, the new employee at McDonald's, is giving Mrs. Greene her soda at the takeout window. Tina has just been working one week, but has been doing a good job.
"Thank you Mrs. Greene! Say hello to Stacey for me!" Tina says
"Will do dear, and it is great to see you! Stacey is right out front!' Mrs. Greene replies
Meanwhile, Hannah, is getting Stacey a lid for her soda, and helping her next customer.
She looks up in surprise. 'HI YA Peter! How've ya been doing?"
Peter looks at Hannah in surprise, and a little tongue tied. He goes to school with Hannah, but has never had the nerve to talk to her, even though he is the star quarterback on the high school football team.
"Uh, great Hannah! didn't expect to see YOU here!" Hannah beams.
"What will you have?" she asks politely.

Peter looks at Hannah, and is suddenly uncomfortable, though Hannah is unaware of his discomfort, and thinks he is just taking his time figuring out what he wants to order. Poppy and Ryan are deep in conversation.
At this time while Peter hesitates, a tall, willowy young woman behind him cuts into the conversation and says " Peter, I think I will have the Burger and fries special" abrubtly.
Hannah just smiles and says, 'Are ya'll together? I can put this on the same check."
The model like girl behind Peter says knowingly, 'Oh yes, we are on the same check. Aren't we Peter?' and she smiles at Hannah.
Hannah smiles and repeats the girls' order. 'ok, Pete, what will you have now?'
Peter looks uncomfortable and says, 'I'll have the same, that's fine"

Behind him, the young lady clears her throat and nudges Peter. Peter hesitates and says, 'Uh, Hannah, you haven't met my girlfriend, Jade. Jade, this is Hannah. We go to the same high school together.'
Jade nods her head towards Hannah and Hannah says cheerily,'Glad to meet you! Peter is one of the bestest guys on the team!'
'Oh I KNOW...he is one of THE bestest...' Jade says with innuedo, and Peter flushes in embarrassment. As usual, Hannah does not notice, as it never occurs to her that Peter likes her.
"Pete, why don't you and Jade see if you can find a seat? I'll call you up when the order is ready, we're running a little behind."
In the meantime, Poppy and Ryan are getting in some chat time.
"You don't know how much I am looking forward to our date, Ryan' Poppy says.
Ryan can only look at her and everyone around them disappears. 'I know. Work is driving me crazy and all I want to do is spend some time with you, Poppers."
Poppy blushes.

"Ryan, I know you don't have alot of money, so we don't have to go anywhere expensive, as long as we can just talk uninterrupted."Poppy says.
Ryan thinks he's dreaming. Poppy's family is LOADED...and he had felt that her family might not accept him, but that wasn't stopping him. He is crazy about Poppy.
'I tell you what. Can you stay up late?" he asks, a wild idea coming to his head.
"Poppy looks at him puzzled. 'Sure, it's Friday. Why?
"Well, why not have this whole place to ourselves? I'll cook us a great meal, here, after hours, no burgers, but a really great meal. We'll sit and chat and not be bothered by anyone, including customers or my little brother and sister!" he says.
Poppy's eyes light up!"That's a great idea! love to!"
"I've just got one question Poppers." Ryan looks at her and Poppy thinks she knows what it is.
'What Ryan?" her heart is beating very very fast....
"I want to know how far you think this, is going. I'd like to talk with you about that if you're ok with it....if you think, like I think, that we...uh...might become more than ...just...friends." Ryan looks steadily at Poppy, who now knows Ryan, who is usually so reserved, feels the same way too.
"I do, Ryan, I really, really do. You're just so reserved sometimes, I felt awkward trying to tell you how I felt about you. "
"Then see ya tonight. Come at 11 o'clock, I will have this place closed up by then."
"What about Hannah and Ricky?" Poppy asks.
"Don't worry. Ricky will probably go out with Brie, and Hannah will want to stay home and watch a late movie." Says Ryan.
'see ya then' Poppy says...
"See ya then Poppers.I'm looking forward to tonight."
It seems in Barbietown love is making its presence known everywhere, not just with Ryan and Poppy. Prince WIlliam and Princess Catherine, are leaving the professional building after one of the Duchess' doctor appointments. She is, as the whole world knows, pregnant with her first child.
"Will, do you think we'll have a boy?' she asks joyfully.
"Just as long as it is healthy and you do fine, I'll be happy, and so will everyone." He gently holds her arm as she has been weak lately with morning sickness.

"You need alot of rest, so why don't I ask the Baroness Von Weiss if we can spend a little time at that nice little town she owns, we're right here. "
the Duchess' eyes light up.'You mean Agnes? She is so adorable!"
This startles William. 'AGNES? ADorable? that's funny?' he starts to laugh..
"Why are you laughing?' Kate says indignantly.
" Just that Agnes can be, well snobbish sometimes. She's so brash and a little overbearing."
'she's always so lovely, and has been so helpful with us when we have visited. I would love to see Maison Royale again."
"That settles it then. I'll give her a ring back at the palace. " William says, and they go off to the car.

Speaking of her Royal Highness, the Baroness is coming out of the bakery 'royally' pissed.
Natalia notices and her heart sinks.'What's wrong?' she asks, wishing she didn't have to.
"That STUPID bakery did not get the croissant order from my assistant! I am going to sack whoever did not pick them up when they were baked. Now they are 4 HOURS old!" Agnes fumes. Natalia hopes Evie had better have an explanation, or the new little assistant to Evie, Becky Greene had better have an explanation.
That right now, is all. I think I have a good enough meat of a story for the upcoming Valentine's day, don't you? I hope you enjoy it, as Poppy and Ryan's relationship is really heating up. Agnes, as always, is unaware of the 'little people' who work for her, but that is just Agnes. (She really is a big softie underneath the diamonds and red hair , she just doesn't like to show it. ) And Hannah? Maybe we need to get her out of those jeans and see if Peter will dump Jade and go out with her!
More to come soon! ~Lisa

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