Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little House project- One Room schoolhouse props


These are some recent scores on ebay. The little schooldesks are about 3 1/2 inches high 4 inches wide. I have a third one coming en route for the one room schoolhouse dio I want to do, and these will be for the smaller students. With squeezing, Laura and Mary fit, though it is a tight fit where their legs go- I have not tried Kelly or Chelsea yet. The company who made them is Determined Productions in 1972 in Japan do a search under collectibles or miniatures for that brand name. I actually stumbled across them when typing in 'doll desk' by luck.

The teacher's desk is by Enesco and is incomplete, part of a 'school daze' named collectible and very cheap on ebay, but the correct height for a teacher's desk or a desk for the 'big boys or big girls' (teenagers) who would sit at the back of the room in larger desks that fit them. As the diorama enlarges, I will look for more of these for teenager Laura, and her friends from Little Town on the Prairie and the smaller desks will be for Carrie .

I haven't had time to continue much on Poppy and Ryan's love story, they are busy working just as I am, lol. I don't foresee much doll time this week or the next to be honest, hopefully I will be able to get together a little diorama for the schooldesk/ one room schoolhouse diorama I am planning on setting up. THe better pics are taken with my phone- my camera still works but is limping along- hence the grainy pictures at the top. The last four pictures were taken with my new phone, and uploaded to photobucket.
Enjoy, and hope to get something together soon-


Marta said...

Hello from Spain, interesting proposals. I like school desks. The teacher is perfect. The students are very cute. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

I love those school desks! Always love seeing your American girls.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you both! The desks are really hard to find, and actually are a tight squeeze for the mini AG dolls, but they do fit, just have to be persistent in squeezing their legs in. They are just historically accurate looking to me. I loved to play school with my dolls and was always frustrated at not having proper furniture pieces for what I wanted- I loved playing little house as a child with the sunshine family in the 70's.