Friday, February 15, 2013

A phone call to a friend..

Well, Valentine's day certainly ended with a surprise for Ryan and Poppy!
The scene: It is Saturday morning, and Poppy has not slept much- in fact, after leaving the diner late last night for home, she stayed up thinking about what her answer of 'yes' means...and finds she needs to talk, to her best friend, Cindy Sometimes.

It is Saturday morning, and Poppy has not slept. After grabbing a bagel at the bakery in town early, she makes a call to her best friend, Cindy Sometime. She needs to talk.

Ring, ring ring...Cindy's cell starts vibrating on the coffee table next to her latte. 'Oh what now,' she mumbles grumpily. It is Saturday morning, when Cindy is sitting about her condo and surfing on the web for deals.

'Hmmph, what do ya know, it's Poppers, ' says Cindy and answers the call

"Yo, Poppers what are you up to?' she says happily into the phone.
'Hey, are you up yet?' Poppy asks hurriedly

Cindy laughs.'I answered the phone didn't I?'

"LOOK Cindy, I really need to talk. I want to come over, is that ok?"

"Well sure! Hey is something wrong? You don't sound all that good!" Cindy knows something is wrong now,

"Thanks Cindy, I'm on my way now, I'll be there in a few.' and snaps the phone shut.

"What????........the other end of the phone goes dead. Cindy puts the phone down, and waits for Poppy to come over.
***********Meanwhile, at McDonald's diner, Saturday morning rush is busy!****

                             Tina is busy waiting on Patrick, who has come in for an egg omeltte sandwich.
Ricky waves hello to Mrs. Greene, and her elderly parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine

Hi Mr. Sunshine- yo you brought Mrs. Sunshine! Hey Mrs. Greene! I;ll have your coffees ready in a bit, and Ryan's fixing your sausage biscuit now!" Ricky waves at Mrs. Greene

Mrs. Greene is busy helping her elderly parents with her mother's wheelchair.
"Thank you so much, Ricky, take your time!'

Meanwhile, Darren and Kara are speaking to Janelle. They have stopped by to have an early breakfast, as Nicole has just finished an emergency call at the hospital, and Darren has brought Julian and the baby Kara  along for breakfast.
'Hey, where have you been? Haven't seen you for ages!" Janelle says
"I just gotr off from work! Darren brought the kids and we're having an early breakfast!"

Janelle fills in Nicole on all the gossip. Darren smiles as his wife and Janelle pick up where they left off. Nicole has been working extra hard in the last couple of weeks, and has not had much time for her friends.
"...and then, do you know what Agnes did? She CANNED the photo shoot!"
Nicole is puzzled." Your BIG shoot here in town? WHY?"
Janelle shakes her head.'Photographer wouldn't say why. Something to do her changing her mind."
"What about your big chance?' Nicole is worried for her friend, who depends on modeling and acting to make her living.
"Oh, I will get paid for my time. But the shoot is still on, just in another location. Agnes changes her mind ALL the time. Ok for me, I still get paid!" Janelle laughs

Nicole is relieved for Janelle. Darren smiles uncertainly, as he is not used to Janelle's carefree manner. 'Janelle, I'm so glad. I know how much this meant to you."
Meanwhile, Poppy has made it to Cindy's condo.
Poppy knocks onthe door, and Cindy answers it as soon as she does.
'c'mon on in Poppers,'

   "you sounded weird on the phone girlfriend. Is this about your date last night with Ryan??" she asks

                                     Cindy has a seat, while Poppy throws her hands up in the air and puts her purse on the coffee table. "Cindy, you just won't believe it!' she says.
"What??? KILL ME, I'm dying to know!" Cindy says exasperated.
" He popped the question ! He asked me to marry him!" Poppy says.
Cindy jumps out of her chair. 'POPPY, THIS IS GREAT!" She squeals.

                               Poppy explains. 'I know, I know. And it's what I have been hoping for all of
            these months Cin. You know that. But he hasn't even met my screwed up parents yet!'
          'And wait till you get aload of what he gave me last night. ' so saying she takes the chocolate
           ringbox out of her purse and gives it to Cindy to open.
 Cindy carefully opens the ringbox from Poppy's favorite chocolatier. She gasps.
'How romantic, Poppers. He went there??that place is expensive...' she hestiates as she says this, since she knows Ryan has limited means.
Poppy glumly shakes her head yes.'AND he bought me a dozen red roses, plus a box of their I LOVE YOU chocolates- the ones in the pink box that we looked at, remember?' Poppy says.
Cindy nods, whistling.
'Must have cost him a bundle!"

Cindy looks at the ring again.'So he also asked you the big question?"
Poppy breathes a big sigh.'Yes, and I said...yes.' Poppy replies

                             "Then what's the big deal....let's be frank. So he finds out your dad is a doctor, and your mother is related to Agnes Von Weiss, Baroness in residence. BIG whoo. Whose family doesn't have problems? Look at Ryan. We got out of school, went to college, you are a photographer now, working int he family firm, he took night classes in business and runs a restuarant and takes care of his kid brother and sister. What's the big deal?' Cindy asks calmly, stating the facts.
                                      Poppy doesn't give in that easily.'Yeah, I know all about that...but...'
                      Cindy impatiently interrupts. 'But What?........"
Poppy hesitates. 'I just don't know how to explain to  Mother, and Dad. AND PATTY. ' she sighs in exasperation. 'You know my mom and sis. "
'Look Poppy, you're going to have to face this. Why not ask your parents and sister to have Ryan over for a family dinner to introduce him? That's a good way for everyone to get to know each other, and then go from there.' Cindy says sensibly.

Poppy is silent, so Cindy decides to explain more."Ryan doesn't know your parents from Adam. Introduce them! Your dad might really respect Ryan, the big brother, good son- he's a guy to be proud of Poppers! You know how many chicks in town have had their eye on him!"
Poppy is unconvinced.'Yeah, I know that but---"
"But nothing. Now you're being unfair to Ryan, just because of your family's so called snobbiness. And that is ALL on your Aunt Aggie's shoulders!'
"I guess you are right. ' Poppy smiles a huge smile. 'I can hardly WAIT to start planning the wedding!" She grins

                    Cindy beams. 'NOW that's what I was waiting for. There is the newest little poshest designer here in town, I discovered her myself!" the two continue talking about bridal gowns, shoes, and dates.
************Meanwhile, back at the diner, Ryan is accosted by Hannah and Ricky..............

Hannah has just arrived at work during the morning rush. "Ryan, how did it go with Poppy?' she asks
"Great!" Ryan smiles

                                       "WELL,???" Hannah asks knowingly. Ryan grins and pretends to not know what she is referring to.'Well what?' he grins
At that moment, Ricky has come from the front seeing Hannah has come in.
"Yo, bro did you pop the question??" he yells gaily.
Hannah laughs.'Rick!'
"Ryan looks at Ricky and replies,'Yep.'

Both Hannah and Ricky are speechless.
'Ryan, you did? you asked Poppy to marry ya?" Ricky is shocked.
Hannah just continues laughing.

"Well, what do you two think? "Ryan demands.
'I think Poppy is COOL! She's a photographer, and takes photos of all those cool models, and maybe she can introduce me!" Ricky jokes.
Hannah laughs.'Ricky, be serious!'

                          Ryan turns serious.'You know Rick, we're not married yet. And Poppy's parents, well, you know. They're kind of well off.' Ryan says hesitantly.
Ricky explodes in laughter.'WELL OFF! You're kidding, right?"
Ryan looks at Ricky puzzled.'What are you talking about?"
Ricky explains.
"Popper's parents are related to the big time Baroness who lives in town at the Manor house.'
Ryan snorts.'Get out of here. Poppys' parents aren't---"
Ricky interrupts.'yes they are. Brie told me all about it. Her mom is the Baroness' aunt!"
Hannah laughs.'Ricky, REALLY? Brie told you that??"
Ryan looks thoughtful, thinking. Suddenly everything makes sense, and causes him to see why Poppy was so tense about him meeting her parents.
However, he doesn't want to worry his brother and sister.
'Rick, thanks for telling me. I guess there is more to Poppy, and she'll probably tell me soon, she just didn't want to brag about her family. "
And there, our story stops for a while. More to come soon!


Vanessa said...

Congrats to Poppy! Shame she's so stressed at such a happy moment in life. Good she had her friend there to try to ease her worries.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: the phone call is very real. I really like your furniture. The decor of the rooms is very elegant. Keep in touch