Friday, February 22, 2013

A Victorian tea in town...

Let's go back to the late 1870's, when ladies met together for tea, dressed in their finest velvets and hats with gloves, and visiting day was a set day to 'receive' ladies of your acquaintance. Thus it is with the ancestors of the dolls in Barbietown, when the town was just growing and quite small. A few of the most prominent ladies of the town are visiting with their children dressed in their best, and all are enjoying tea and cakes.

Mrs. Towers, can I have some cake? asks Janie Johnson. 'Of course dear," said Mrs. Powers

uh oh, below is Nellie Olsen, and she is heading for the sideboard as she sees cake!
All of the ladies are discussing topics such as the weather, the new bustles that have just come out in Godey's Lady's book, and whether or not hoops will come back into style.
Nellie cannot resist- and decides to try and reach for the plate of teacakes out of reach....
However, Mrs. Olsen sees her and scolds her soundly. 'Shame on you Nellie! In company!Your manners!"
You can't blame Nellie for giving into temptation- the sideboard is soo tempting with so many sweets and cake!
Everyone is enjoying the afternoon visiting and sipping tea. The ladies rarely are able to get together so much.

The room becomes quite crowded as some of the smaller children are brought in from the nursery where the nannies have been letting them play.
Some of the tea treats are scrumptious looking!
Anja Nelson, is new to the town and misses her neighbor, Mrs. Caroline Ingalls who was not invited at this time. She smiles as Mrs. Tower offers Janie some cakes

And so here is my quick little Victorian tea diorama, using some of my dolls that I have collected off of Ebay as well as made the clothing for- (Anja's dress was handmade by me.) Today I didn't have any pressing orders to do, and thought it would be fun to play with some of my props and take an inventory as it were.
Nellie Olsen- Mini American Girl Nellie purchased at Barnes & Noble bookstore children's section
Tiny doll in carriage- Holiday Victorian Kelly bought on Ebay
Little red haired doll- Madame Alexander Red Riding Hood doll purchased at CVS 9.99
Victorian sideboard, chairs, tea tables all - Bespaq
Rug- Sanatka rugs
carraige- Rose bud carraige- vintage from the late 70's
Teasets- various Ruetter Porcelain items, Re-ment. Tea set next to Spring Tea Barbie came with that barbie.
Cakes- three tiered cake on silver platter made by me, out of paperclay. Cake next to Spring Tea barbie made by seller on ebay in the UK
Picture- from the souvenir shop of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller museum in Williamsburg Va
Door- Houseworks Jamestown door 1:6 scale, stained and painted
wallpaper- four sheets of 1:12 scale floral wallpaper taped to foamboard
floor- dark wood grained shelf paper from Big Lots stuck to foamcore sheeting Royalty Anja- seated(Mrs. Anja Nelson) dress made by me
Victorian Lady Barbie (standing in velvet dress, Mrs. Tower)
Spring Tea Barbie (seated to the right)
Mrs. Albee Avon Barbie 2nd edition (standing in pink & yellow dress) Ebay
Jane & Michael - Mary Poppins set
Mrs. Albee Avon Barbie/Frank Sinatra Barbie- hybrid- purple dress and hat (doll is Frank Sinatra barbie head on Mrs. Albee body. )

Forgive the small pics, I have a new phone but no new camera yet, so these pics were taken with my new droid. Enjoy!


Muff said...

I was sure Nellie was going to have an accident reaching for that cake, but crisis averted.

Everything and everyone looked so stunning!

Lisa Neault said...

Wow, thank you Muff! I love Victorian period, and have always wanted to do a full dollhouse in this scale. Nellie is a natural mischevious, sometimes mean little girl who forgets her manners around cake!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love this scene tea. It's a classic scene. Decoration and clothing is perfect . We keep in touch.