Saturday, February 2, 2013

Victims of the Dolly Body Swappers....

**DISCLAIMER: No dolls were hurt in the body swapping circumstances. Ok, maybe IT Direct Autumn was...***

I have always liked the lotteries from W Club and this year they had the IT Direct dolls Seasons. I won all but Winter. Autumn kind of took me aside with the pink hair and black dress. I don't think of 'pink' when I think of fall or autumn, but oh well, this is Integrity. lol...

So I did some dolly surgery because I had wanted a Dynamite girls body for my Princess Catherine from the royal wedding set. I actually have two of these sets- one in the wedding garb for display, and another set purchased nude from Ebay for playtime and redress. I hated that body they put her on, she could not sit pose, nada. So it was time to go body swapping.
Here is the Ebay link for the Auction ,the bidding is starting out at 9.99 for 7 days, since her head was a little damaged when I did the dolly surgery. The pink saran hair somewhat is flawed and the neckknob is still in her head. So I also had to transplant a neck knob onto the dynamite body for Princess Catherine.

Here is Princess Katherine on her new Dynamite body, it works. She looks as serene and genteel as her pictures. I loved this outfit when I received the doll. It is hard to find such lovely clothes sometimes for the collector dolls from Mattel, even though they do a great job with the basics lines that have just come out.
Not much has been going on as I have been extremely busy and haven't had much time to do much except work. I acquired a Johnny West Pancho plastic horse off of Ebay to go with the Ingalls' family wagon, but will need another. I need to post some pictures of Laura riding him, it is a good fit I think and the horses will be repainted into mustanges, Pet and Patty.
My main problem is my camera has gone kerplooey and the flash no longer works and the screen or mechanism seems to jump when you take a regular picture. I need a camera very badly, so I am working to get the funds for that by selling more items on Ebay. Be sure to check out my
 Ebay auctions as well as the Ebay store. I have found some 1:6 scale Bespaq tea tables, such as the small square tea tables as well as the French tea tables. Supply is limited on these, I thought they were gone. So get them while you can, because these are the last of the stock ever made.
All for now!~Lisa


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the Princess Katherine Dynamite on her new body. She is perfect. Good luck with the sales to buy a new camera. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

I like Catherine's new body and dress. Good luck getting that new camera. Do you usually use the flash when taking your pictures?

Lisa Neault said...

No, but the camera has been dropped one too many times. I am usually good with taking care of my equipment, but I think on one end, the camera is worn out too. The picture comes out blurry even when perfectly still. I also cannot use it with other settings, it will only take pics in one setting.

I have really wanted a canon that costs $300 but, may settle for the powershot, I have seen some nice reviews on it and it is more affordable.