Sunday, February 10, 2013

Preparations for the First date....

When we left Ryan and Poppy at lunchtime on Friday, they agreed to have their first 'big date' together alone at the McDonald's diner after hours. Ryan would have a dinner ready and they would have a 'talk.' Let's see how Ryan is getting along with the preparations, since McDonald's has closed and it is after hours.

Ricky and Tina have cleaned some of the tables in the dining room and stacking the chairs.
Everyone is tired, and they have almost finished wiping down the chairs and tables.

Tina is getting ready to leave, since she is the youngest and has a work permit.

"Hey Tina, you did swell tonight!" Ricky says.
"Really Ricky? You think so?' Tina asks.
"You bet! You were great on the takeout window, Mrs. Greene told me !" Ricky grins
Ryan has noticed Tina is getting ready to leave, and thanks her for her hard work.
"I was really impressed Tina, you learn quick and it's been great to have you on our team."
"Thank you Mr. McDonald,' Tina says
"Call me Ryan! " Ryan insists.

"my mom is waiting for me outside, and I have to get home now,"
Tina says
"I sure appreciate you staying longer today, you were a big help on the rush. I know how hard
it is to juggle school & work," Ryan says.
"Thank you Mr. McDonald, have a nice evening!"
'Call me Ryan!' Ryan says

Tina waves and says 'Goodnight everyone!'
Ricky, Ryan and Hannah all call 'Good Night' and wave as she leaves.

After Tina has left, Ryan turns back to the counter where the table linens and plates are stacked up.
Hannah asks, 'Ryan, what is all this? Are we into catering fine dining now?"
Ryan looks a little hesitant, and then explains.'I'm going to cook dinner tonight for Poppy. It's our first real 'big date, ' you know.
Hannahs' eyes light up!;You're kidding!' she laughs.

Ryan looks thoughtfully at the tablecloth. 'No Hannah, I'm not. I dont' have alot of money to
take Poppy out, and you know she comes from a family and girls like that kind of expect nice things.
Hannah smiles and replies," Ryan, don't put yourself down. I've seen the way she looks at you."
Ryan stops for a moment, caught off guard. 'You have?What the-??" he splutters
Hannah interrupts good naturedly. 'Anybody with eyes can see she cares about you. What would a girl like that spend so much time in a fast food joint here? " she pauses and decides to go on.
'And really Ryan, you're wasting yourself in this fast food burger joint Mom & Dad started. You're a great cook- you could be a chef! I saw what you are fixing for dinner back there!' Ryan smiles and blushes.

"You know, thanks Sis. No one has ever told me I could be more than what I am now. Not even Dad.'
Hannah goes on. 'Ryan, you've taken care of me, and Ricky for along time. You deserve some happiness. And Dad wasn't always right about everything, ya know.' They look at each other knowingly. Ryan has taken care of his brother and sister and the business after their parents died in a car accident last year.
Ricky interrupts gleefully. 'My MAN my Man!  Got himself a date tonight!'
'Oh Geez,' Ryan mutters, while Hannah Laughs.
"Get used to it old man!' Ricky jeers.

Ryan interrupts Ricky's teasing. 'Hey Rick, there is something I need to tell you and Hannah,'
Ricky immediately starts joking.'I know, it's all over town!' Ricky laughs
Ryan looks puzzled 'What are you talking about?"
"You and Poppy of course!' Hannah laughs
Ricky runs over to the table where Ryan has put the presents for Poppy.
'YOWZA! BIG SPENDER!' Ricky shouts. 'You're going to spoil her! Are you serious or what?"Ricky asks
Ryan laughs quietly, pleased that Ricky is so enthusiastic. He didn't expect his sister and brother to be this excited for him.

Ricky happily ticks off the gifts.
'A Dozen red roses, a bag from the Chocolatier-- that must have set you back- white Wine- and what is this a ring box?????' Ricky stops all of a sudden.
"MAN, are you going to propose to her in this greasey spoon???" Ricky looks shocked.

Hannah is laughing, but stops. It never occurred to her that Ryan is serious about Poppy, really that serious!
Ryan smiles, and said,"Well, in a way. We're supposed to talk tonight over dinner."

Rickys looks and sees his big brother is really serious. 'Yo, Bro, you mean you're going to pop the big question???"
Ryan laughs. 'Not exactly. That ringbox is from the chocolatier, and it has a chocolate ring in it.It's a good way to see if she is interested, don't you think?" Ryan smiles, enjoying the looks on Ricky and Hannah's faces.He then makes a decision.
"Ok family, Group huddle time," and they all hug and huddle
Ricky is running a mile a minute.Hannah looks at Ryan and asks,
'Ryan, you're going to ask Poppy to marry you, aren't you?"
Ricky explodes-'Yo another BIG SIS!"

Ryan looks down at Hannah. 'Now Hannah, nothing would change. I would still take care of you and Rick. But I'm going to talk to Poppy tonight and see how she feels before I ask her.'
Ricky hugs Ryan.'Ryan, this is awesome!'

Ryan continues.'I want you two to know, nothing changes as far as our family goes. I know Poppy loves you two like her own family. But we haven't ever really had time for a special date night, for real you know, and I want it to be special.'
Hannah looks up and grins. Ryan gives them both an extra hug.
'Ok, both of you out of here. Go have some fun, it's Friday night. Ricky, stay out of trouble. Hannah, go find some and quite watching the late night movie on TV. Don't wait up.'
Hannah and Ricky need no further encouragement, and get their stuff together and wave as they leave!'Good luck Ryan,' Ricky yells. Then they are gone leaving Ryan to get the table ready.

                  He quickly drags his desk into the front as the small burger tables are too cramped for the china. He quickly lays the tablecloth on the table and arranges the china and crystal.
I am so nervous. This is it. I hope Poppers appreciates this. I want it to be special. He checks the gifts on the booth table behind and sees everything is in order.
Now, all I have to do is wait for her to arrive, he thinks.
Well and here is where we end our story for now, until the Big Date for Poppy and Ryan begins.

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