Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!...Part lll the big date...

When we last left Poppy and Ryan, they were each planning for their big date that night. Since it is Valentine's day today, this is a fitting ending for their first big date.


Ryan has finished setting the table, and putting the oysters and the lobster on the table. Wine is chilled, and everything is ready.

The table looks lovely, for having to make do with his old desk. Ryan is pleased, he knows Poppy will be surprised. It doesn't hurt their date has fallen on Valentine's day either!

All of a sudden, the door opens and Poppy comes in looking at Ryan.

They stare at each other a long long time, and then....

Poppy flies into his arms, hugging him and Ryan embraces her back. They stand back a bit, looking into one another's eyes with love. 'Miss Me? 'Poppy whispers, and Ryan smiles and says, 'You bet. '

'How Much?' Poppy smiles

                                              'How about I show you,' Ryan replied, and then...
They kiss.

They kiss, and Ryan says, 'How do you like your dinner, this evening?' and grins
Poppy is surprised, she had not noticed the table set when she came in.
                          "It's gorgeous! Did you that lobster and oysters???You didn't?' she says.
                               Ryans seats her in her chair and gives her a bouquet of red roses.
'Poppers, since it's Valentine's day, I wanted our first one to be extra special.' Poppy is speechless, the roses are beautiful enough, and cannot believe there is more. Ryan goes on. 'I went by your favorite 'chocolatier, in that swanky little shopping center you like,' he grins. Poppy smiles back, aware Ryan knows her weakness for chocolate. ' and I got you something really special, take a look!' and he hands her a box from the bag.
Ryan hands Poppy the bag with a large heavy pink box inside. Poppy knows it is her favorite chocolate maker, yet cannot help but be surprised when she opens the box. Inside is----

A set of chocolates that say 'I LOVE YOU' inside.
Ryan interrupts her being speechless, which doesn't happen very often.
"I got to thinking Poppers, that box wasn't just didn't completely say what I feel for you, and forgive me, but I feel like you have the same feelings for me, as I do for you. So I asked them to wrap this up to...." Ryan hands her a small pink trinket box...

Poppy, speechless, sets down the box of I LOVE YOU chocolates and opens the small chocolate trinket box. Then she is really really stunned. She certainly didn't expect this!

                                Inside, was a perfect, chocolate Ring!

Poppy is so stunned she is almost in tears. Ryan stands by silently watching her reaction.

                             'Ryan, is this what I think it is? Are you ................?????' she stops.
"Yeah I am. I know that ring is just made out of chocolate,, and Poppers, you know how much I struggle, but I love you. I want you to marry me." Ryan breathes a huge sigh of relief. He has finally been able to ask her what he had wanted to ask for such a long time. 'why don't we sit to the table and talk while we eat dinner? I don't want everything to get cold." Poppy turns back to the table, with the chocolate heart shaped ring box in her hand.
Poppy is laughing, and just staring at the ring. 'This is too totally awesome Ryan! A ring , you've proposed and my favorite chocolate! It's too much!'
'No it isn't, I love you. The question is out there, so what is your answer?' Ryan is blunt now.

A moment, just a moment, passes as Poppy stares at the ring and what she had hoped Ryan wished to talk about tonight has more than answered her wish.

                 "My answer is yes, of course. But you haven't met my parents, or any of my family yet, except my sisters.' Poppy says hesitantly...
                "I am not marrying your sisters, but I do know them. And I would like to ask your father's permission, but would like to meet him first, and your mother too.' Ryan says steadily. He knows Poppy has put off introducing him to her family as she has described her parents as 'difficult'. He thinks he knows what is coming...
Poppy smirks. 'Difficult...yeah, that is the word for my parents. Dad is great, but he's..."Poppy hesitates.
Ryan looks at her expectantly.'He's........???"

'Dad is ok, it is just my snobby sister Patricia and Mother. I don't fit into the mold they made for me, Patty does, but I don't. I'm not the normal debutante as Mother says,' Poppy replies.
Ryan smiles. 'Can I ask wha tis a 'normal' debutante??'

Poppy laughs.'Normal debutantes go to all of the balls and are seen in ALL the right places, with all the RIGHT people, ' Poppy mimics her mother's voice, haughty and self assured, and then laughs.'Mother is really ok, she means well. But some of that stuff just bored the crap out of me. And some of those so called 'normal' debutantes, between you and me,  really need to be paid on the side for their services,' she laughs at Ryan's shocked look. They continue eating, laughing and talking as Poppy describes her family to him.
"So you still haven't answered my question,' Said Ryan, after they had finished part of the meal.
"What was it?' Poppy asks confused.
"Will you marry me?" Ryan says simply.
Poppy looks at him stunned. 'I said YES! didn't I?"
Ryan laughs, but then sobers up.
"Poppers it won't be like it is with your parents. I can't give you designer clothes, a sportscar, or any of that. In fact, given my financial situation, I do not know WHY you would marry me. But I'll love you forever. I won't every leave you.' Ryan says all this quietly with deep conviction. Poppy is touched.

                   They get up from the table, and push in the chairs. Poppy looks at Ryan long and hard, and says 'Ryan, it won't be easy for you either. But I do love you. And I want to be with you always.'
'You know,' Poppy begins, ' This is the best Valentine's day EVER...' as she draws nearer to Ryan.
Ryan looks into her eyes.'Yeah, the best...EVER..'

Slowly they draw together in one another's arms, and kiss. So in love....

They make a cute couple!
Happy Valentine's day to everyone, from all of the cast and members of Barbietown!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Valentine's Day. That you spend a day very romantic ..Ken is very romantic and Poppy is very lucky. I love all the gifts. I want a Ken like that in my life. Keep in touch Keep in touch

Lisa Neault said...

lol, thank you Marta! I had fun doing this photo story and drawing out the storyline between Poppy and Ryan, alot of my characters are developing and I hope to get as good as Vanessa at Van dolls treasures with her storylines. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Vanessa said...

So here's the proposal! Perfect timing on Ryan's part. This is one of my favorite Poppys.

Lisa Neault said...

Hi vanessa, yes Pillow talk is one of my favorites as well. Last year when I had to sell some of my dolls because of some medical bills, I parted with Reluctant Debutante but could not bring myself to part with Pillow talk. She is still one of my favorites. sigh. I now have Lilac Frost and Dream teen Poppy but could never part with this Poppy- she is one of my all time favorites and I LOVE taking her with me when I travel on photo shoots. This doll looks great in anything.