Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's new in the 1:6 scale dollhouse......

I have not posted in a long while, but many dolls have left not only Pumpkin Hill, but the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse. To make room, I have had to sell many Silkstones, some Fashion Royalty ladies, and a few of the bjd's as well as some American Girl mini dolls, and other accessories and props. The stock room is full, and there is no room left for storage of dolls!
But I have also been busy trying my hand at customizing the large Scale Bespaq. I have currently on auction many pieces in 1:4 scale as well as 1:3 scale and now two adorable little 1:6 scale Bijou tables. One above is embellished with gold accents on its raised carvings, and the drawer pulls are decorated with handmade beaded tiny tassels !
Click HERE for the auction link on this table

Next up is my customized Harry Potter table. The table is a 1:6 scale Bespaq 'Bijou' tea table, that has two drawers embellished with tiny handbeaded tassels that remove from the drawer pulls. Alot of accessories go with this little table for your 12 inch Harry Potter or your witch or warlock figure. Both tables measure 5 inches high 3 1/2 inches wide. The Harry Potter tables comes with resin skull, crystal ball, 4 tiny map scrolls , books that open and close- 1 does not open at all, and a tiny brass key with braided/beaded tassel ring.
Click HERE for the above custom Harry Potter table in 1:6 scale...

I have not been able to post much about the dollhouse, or do any pictures as I would like. I did attend my Barbie club meeting in the end of January, and still do not have pictures up- I am listing so many auctions with the goal to move as much as possible, as I need room badly- and there is a project in 1:6 scale that I am planning and already have in mind. I have a new 1:6 scale figure in mind for that project, and will take pics when the doll arrives! This project I have had in mind to do is a tribute to a friend and mentor that passed away last year, and will be my way of healing of sorts, since I miss his advice so much.
Enjoy the auction links!

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