Friday, February 24, 2012

quick note- Some 1:6 scale Bespaq currently on auction!

New auctions up on Ebay on these lovely 1:6 scale intact Bespaq pieces- click HERE for the link to all of my auctions. These pieces are ending soon- the French tea table is on a 3 day auction and the bijou tea table and mirror should be ending soon as well. Mirror is flawed- it appears to me to slightly 'lean'. ALL of these auctions are starting at a ridiculous low bid of $9.99 for these pieces- I am having to make room quickly in our storage unit as well as my office!!
I have also advertised these pieces on Doll Divas  forum as well, so mark the auction link- I will be posting more as I go thru the boxes- I have two-three more boxes to go thru and list!
Thank you for looking at my Auctions!

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