Tuesday, February 21, 2012

McDonald's goodies off of Ebay

More goodies have arrived off of Ebay for the McDonald's in mini! The two came from two different sellers- the recycle wheelie bin pencil holder came with free shipping and is so darn cute! I may order another one, it looks so great with the dolls! Then the McDonald's takeout window lot I won on a last minute bid. At first I had regretted it but didn't when I opened it up- this was a great win! It is a little dusty but nothing that cannot be fixed. I was amazed that it was in such good condition for being played with- it even had the little pie rack with the little pies, as well as the earphone headset for the doll! The little trash bin lid will have to be fixed, but that isn't a problem. I did some placement photos to figure out what I need next to start the build of the walls, etc.

Here is the overall placement in the first pic- the back kitchen where the takeout counter will be will be done with white foamcore, front in yellow foamcore. The takeout window in a regular McDonald's is always adjacent to the front counter/side by side with it and to the kitchen where the food is prepared. The takeout counter will be so large some items will not be used in the kitchen.In the third pic is the kitchen placement. I am going to use the fashion royalty box, covered in silver paper as the back grill and counter- this is going to be a work in itself- I want to have a grill cook with the raw burgers on the grill, etc. I want to make it look as realistic as possible. I will probably use black and white diamond miniature dollhouse tile on this floor and red and white diamond tile on the front dining area. My only problem was I wanted to do the mini playground as well, but that will have to be for the future larger setup( if I get to do it) when the display room is moved. I have another table besides the teal one, and then the round one with the stools that came with this set. That round table may go  underneath a window. So far, so good!

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