Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday fun with the cast & crew...

I have been having some fun, more than I realized, with the new dolls that have arrived, and re-organizing items in the doll room. Ever had that project you just can't get out of your head??That has been what is up with me. I just can't get the One Sixth Scale dolls out of my head, I keep dreaming up more storylines and scenes, etc. than I can build. It didn't used to always be this way- I had strayed from the dollhouse for a few months. I still bought dolls- I'm addicted. But my passion had kind of fell flat. It is amazing what organizing what you have can do for your dolly play.  That said, I have been finding all sorts of cool items that can be used in the kitchen for McDonald's. I have also discovered that the restuarant is being built for the owner , my mini-me doll that hasn't arrived yet. Evidently she has investments in the One Sixth Scale world, you Here are a few fun scenes I took today while sifting /sorting.
Barbie Basics Ken is trying on his blaze orange vest, and working on the jag. Just brought in his home depot bucket.

These little plastic containers are the bomb. I took pics of Becky with Ricky organizing them for the diorama. The ones Ricky is holding are the little containers that those gummi sandwich and burger & ice cream cone candies come in in the packages with several to a package. The candy is shaped like a hamburger, ice cream, sub sandwich, etc. I think I saved them all because of the long size of them- perfect for holding food items in 1:6 scale! The round container was purchased in the art department at Michael's for .99 cents - it is meant to hold paint.

Poppy came in with her crew of friends...turns out Mini-me Lisa wanted her assistant, Poppy to check upon the progress of the McDonald's and see what was holding up the building process. Poppy knew she was going to see Bryan Cooper (Coop) who was the current 'temporary' manager of setting up the restuarant. But her feelings got the better of her, and for the first time, Coop has figured out- it's just dawning on him, that Poppy REALLY likes him....especially when she leaves quickly without waiting for an answer to the prgress of the building questions she's asked.
So far, that is the beginning of the story as to how I've thought of it. Haven't given it much cohesion, but it is truly amazing what a few poses can bring on as far as a storyline goes. I'm looking forward to the McDonald's bringing together alot of the characters, especially the teenagers in the group. (I haven't dragged out my Buffy yet or made her a chicken hat like she wore in the series...) Instead of a faithful replica of 'McDonald's' I may go with a McDonald's Diner or McDonald's Grill....the ideas are still coming!

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