Saturday, February 25, 2012

Preparing for Hinamatsuri, the Doll show, more diorama building...

I had a fun filled doll day today- not only did I finish & complete the walls of the Japanese room diorama, but I attended the Capital Doll club show and sale today! Found some marvelous deals and for once I did not go as a dealer- decided to participate as a customer and boy it was fun! More on my finds later- I will go about the completion of the shelf display for the Hinamatsuri set by Re-ment I have.
I have always wanted to have the dolls celebrate the Japanese Girls' day festival, otherwise known as the Doll Festival. It takes place on the third day of the third month. I wished to replicate in 1:6 scale the dolls from the two books by Rumor Godden, 'Miss Happiness & Miss Flower' & the sequel,'Little Plum' where the doll festival is celebrated by the children and the dolls. I have replicated Miss Happiness, and hopefully will soon be creating Miss Flower. I have another kimono, but not as pretty as Miss Happiness'...I have the book 'Little Plum' out but cannot for the life of me find the original that had plans on how to build a Japanese dollhouse! I am now trying to figure out how to create the shoji paper screens. For now, I have the black walls up and the doll festival set up, it is looking good. I am going to make some cushions, and then display a table with tea.  This set has been in its packaging ever since I purchased it, and tonight I just unwrapped it- it is astonishing the detail, especially on the Emperor and the Empress.

Above is one of the displays at the doll show, put on by the Capital doll club of Va. They are wonderful ladies, and I once did a presentation for their club meeting on Bespaq, and the history of it. Above is their theme of the their display table with some of the club members' displays- the theme this year was Mardi Gras. Was not as large as it usually is.
Last picture is my goodies- sorry the picture is not turned correctly. The schooldesks were being sold for $2 each! The little bag with the Kelly table and chair, bookcase, globe and tub were $1!! Now I had the beginnings of my schoolroom for Skipper, Scooter, Todd, Chelsea, Stacie and Kelly! Next diorama is the school room/preschool. Behind those items are That Girl Barbie, ($12) and Mickey Mouse Barbie ($8) both still in the box! I also picked up what I believe is a little Randall Craig dog with pink leash, and a pair of Ken jeans for $2 as well. I could have bought more!
I wanted to start on the schoolroom diorama, but didn't- I figured that getting the Japanese room done is what needs to be done quickly. Instead of buying $5 black foamcore, I purchased black contact paper from Lowe's and covered the white foamcore with it! Trying to save dolly money! Plus, I need special red and white floor tile for McDonald's, and so will have to order it so it will be in the correct scale. Next week is Hinamatsuri and I probably will have no time at all that day to play dolls...that day is a full day for me. Between auctions and packaging, and working on hubby's business, doll time is tight.
I am planning more details for the doll town, or Barbietown. Trying to figure out how in my limited space to make it look like a doll town!
More later, and enjoy the pics of Miss Happiness!

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