Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making more progress with the doll room...

....and it is slow going. Today I made alot of progress. The tiny bjd's dollhouse was moved to what used to be my desk, so I could have room to work on the McDonald's diorama. I really cleaned up alot of useless items out of the doll room, and pushed the shelves on the right  together. Here are some pics so far...

Looks crowded, but it isn't as crowded as it was previously!. The plastic shelves that assemble are not the best, but I got them on sale a few years ago and work quite well. The shelf next to the Sindy kitchen (kitchen diorama is quite messy, I was putting stuff to the side to work on placement) The top shelves will be where the Fashion Royalty & Barbies reside on their stands until I need to use them in a scene. The shelf next to the Sindy kitchen will be a Japanese room- scene I am planning for the Girl's Festival or Doll Festival. I'm still getting ideas for that one.
Alot more will be cleaned off the shelves. Two shelves underneath the Sindy diorama will be for stray furniture props and plastic tubs with tiny items- such as accessories, etc.
But back to the McDonald's ....
I cut one piece of foamcore for the base to complete it- and played with placement a bit. The dining area will be done in yellow foamcore - where the serving area and back kitchen, and take out window will be will be done in white. I had black and cream checkerboard wallpaper- but it did not look right with the yellow and red, so back to the drawing board. I may be buying white and red tile pvc dollhouse sheeting to complete this, if I cannot find white and red- hubby is insisting that the floor be done in white and red when I asked his opinion...I'm thinking it will be somewhat 'too' busy. I will also need another crossbuck door. The door will need to have its frame painted silver, the crosspanes in the upper part of the door cut out, and the door painted red. I'm going for a late 70's early 80's feel for this room scene, since this is where the dolls will 'hang' out in the town of Pumpkin Hill.

As you can see above, the fry station counters will have to be raised as will the front cashier counters as well, I figure by about 1 1 /2 inch. The takeout window will be to the far left , with the kitchen to the side. I am wondering if I should put a back door in the kitchen, but it will take up space as well as be problematic. I can make a fake door, out of foamcore, wrapped in silver paper, to create the illusion. Since I have one of those recycle bins (pencil holder) coming, that may go next to the door. When the display room is moved to a bigger room in our home, I will be able to do a back door withoutside, and trash bins, etc. Right now, I will have to create the illusion with what space I have.
I still like the idea of the Fashion Royalty box wrapped in silver paper as a counter, but am now thinking that it will go on the back wall. The fake door might have to go all the way to the extreme left as the grill will be made on the back wall, where they fry the burgers, etc. I was going to use the extra fry frame as the hood of the grill, haven't yet figured that item how to out yet. I think it would be cool to have the raw burgers on the grill, and someone else assembling take out on another part of the counter, etc.
I inventoried my Rement and have enough to start with the other food items I have from vintage playsets. Items I will need more of are the tables, chairs, signage and the Barbie McDonald aprons, caps, uniform shirts.
So far, so good, this is a fun build!

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