Friday, February 17, 2012

McDonald's diorama collecting revisited...and some Barbie Basics...

I have re-visited my mania for the Barbie McDonald's restuarant I wish to do- finished bidding on this auction that had a take out window, the takeout window sign, an the food trays as well as one of the round tables with stools! The table will be wonderful for outside with the kids at the jungle gym- I have already figured that out- how to make it in the bright colors, etc. If you would like to see the set I won today click HERE
Oh, and made the mistake of going shopping at Wal-mart and Ross...and these are my goodies!

The One LIV doll came from Walmart for $6.90, the other is from Ross for 6.99...I went to Ross before Walmart, and she was the last one left at Ross- these dolls are fabulous for body swapping. I purchased two today - one body is for a doll that I am bidding on on Ebay- she will be made into a mini-me! I have always wanted a mini-me Barbie look alike to travel with. Ever had the wish to shrink yourself down? I have, and I found her so hopefully in a few days I will win her. The other LIV doll will also be body swapped as well. I want to do a Hinamatsuri diorama for March, and one of the Barbie Basics I saw on sale today would be perfect in the kimono I have, with the Rement.
Barbie Basics were on sale at my Walmart as well- I picked up #14 & #16 . The guy will be made into a McDonald's soda jerk, and he looks quite cute in the apron and hat. I may just keep him in jeans and the shirt he is in, and maybe make another hat. Here is the McDonald's stuff I had on hand to see if he would be ok height wise...

I have two of the stations, and two all this sorting in the doll room I have misplaced- somehow! the two counters that matched these back stations. Luckily, I was able to find the shirts aprons and hat that I had. My McDonald's will probably be large and not quite like the McDonald's you see today...I have been drawing and trying to figure out how to create booths, as well. I was thinking of putting Ken into a yellow or white shirt with white pants, but I'm thinking the jeans and sneaks look like they did in highschool, when we took a job at McDonald's, so I might find him a yellow tee or a white tee shirt. I think a Fashionista Ken would also complete the McDonald's crew too. I have been thinking when I get the display room some what cleaned up and cleaned out, and there is more room, I will do a mockup with foamcore on the plastic shelves Ihave set up, so I can set up my items I have collected and see how large & wide I would need it to be. With what I have collected so far, I am thinking when the diorama room is moved is that it will eventually take up a table space and look quite real. So the McDonald's until then, will be a work of love in progress .
Hopefully, I won't go out looking for more dollies to do bodyswaps with!lol

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