Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get those feet moving....

I was experimenting with angles on the 1:6 scale crowd today- something I very rarely get to do, just play with the dolls, posing, and the camera. I used my brick wall/alley backdrop I made last summer when I customized Bucky, the $1 flavva doll. I got some unusual shots today and just liked to mix the over the top with the regular guy, so to speak. Lots of fun.
I am steadily cleaning out those plastic tubs! So I was really looking for props that need to move- and they will be listed on my Ebay Auctions

I had long ago purchased the high school musical doll at Target when he went on sale- and after seeing him on the skateboard, I don't want to let him go. Patrick Dempsey in the suit is dreamey as well, I did not know I had so many cool male dolls....The only thing I dislike about the high school musical kid is his hat is molded to his head.
Daria is wearing : dress- dressmaker couture, coat, From Bewitching Lucia, shoes, Agnes Von Weiss gift set, purse- playline Barbie and the black tote, from one of the Homme's , scarf Barbie Basics shoe pack.
I am hoping to go thru these dolls and make up a really cool scene , I've missed doing this!

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