Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organizing Accessories...& The 'Wuss' has arrived!

Organizing dolly accessories...cleaning out the old, in with the new! I spent part of yesterday evening organizing and getting rid of some doll accessories and clothing - I just don't use them, they lay about, lazy dollys, and just will not work in the diorama I am planning. So check my Ebay auctions for rock bottom prices of lots of clothing and dolls. I simply must move them. They would be great to practice repaints on, dress up and give to less fortunate kids- my Barbie club does this- redresses old dolls, cleans them, etc and we give them to girls who cannot afford to buy dolls. Our hobby has a way of warming children's hearts, and it's all about the Kids!
Any how, this is an old tackle box of hubby's that I rescued for these shoes, boots and smaller purses and hats. I am starting out slow, and buying the containers I need, and not going all out nuts on buying the plastic bins- we've got enough so far!
And yesterday- 'The Wuss ' finally arrived!

He's really adorable. Degree antiperspirant made this doll and 'Mama's Boy' and another one, as an advertising gimmick. His body is somewhat yuck- the arms are a little long and he isn't very poseable, but he works. I love the detailing on his clothes- they are so 80's with the polo and sweater tied around his neck! The sweater even has tiny buttons and he wears socks. I also like his flip do to hide his baldness!
I have been doing some deciding and planning on my diorama goals....yes, I am a goal nut....and to build the dioramas I wish to, I will need to get the display room organized and go thru tons of 'stuff' - mostly junk, to make room. I have one diorama in mind for this doll, as well as the McDonald's restuarant I want to do. I had sketched out plans but really need to figure out what size it has to be..I was going to go with foamcore, but may be able to convince hubby to make it for meout of wood, IF I can get enough room to have it set up permanently.  I know what doors and windows I would use. My McDonald's would lean more towards a diner/fast food joint.  I would love to do a coke-cola diner with the Mattel Coke bar, but it goes for insane prices on Ebay right now, as do the dolls like the Soda Jerk. Hershey who created City Circlez had an incredible, simply incredible, huge diner display which I still lust over. I have collected so many McDonald's items, including the lazy teenagers to work in the cafe as well. One thing I thought of doing was doing a caricature of McDonald's- like 'Mel's McDonald's Cafe...' spin.  I would like it big enough to have the take out window- a back kitchen, front dining area with booths, and parking for the mini cars in front as well as a jungle gym in multicolors for the Kelly and Chelsea dolls. sigh...So this is my main set up idea. It remains to be seen if it will evolve into what I would like to do with it. While in Target today I looked at shelving to start with, since it has to be deep enough to have a dining area and a counter and kitchen, to start with and be believable. This morning I found one of those cool little pencil holders that look like a recycle bin-
CLICK HERE for the link- they still have about 9 of them left and it comes with free shipping. You cannot find them anymore in Office Max.
I am thinking the new Fashionista Kens will make great counter boys as well customers...I slipped into Target today to get a look at their bodies, as I like my dolls to be jointed in both knees and elbows as well as at the hips and shoulders. Straight arms and legs just do not cut it for me anymore, I am too spoiled with the WClub dolls. lol...I resisted temptation today in Target as if you buy a Fashionista item you get a free clothing item! Also heard there is a new Atelier AA Silkstone coming out too; she's lovely but I know she will be pricey.......
More pictures later after I do some cleaning/playing/ displaying!

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