Saturday, February 11, 2012

What room to start on next??

What room to start on next? I have been so busy cleaning and sorting ...and cute gasp- SELLING some of my dolls and props- simply have too many! That I have sadly neglected the dollhouse, or dollhouses and my 1:6 scale divas. Been paying too much attention to the American Girls. So Bucky decided to finish Barbie's kitchen and starting working on the door . Kelly joined in and decided to help. Toolbox is an ornament I found at Bed Bath and Beyond 2 years ago on sale... Crossbuck door is from Houseworks, I sell them in my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios. I think I am out of stock right now, let me know if you need them, I can always order them for you.
Onto the doll room, or closet, since it is so very small. The big girls have taken over other areas of the house. Here are some photos of the chaos, leftover from Christmas pictures & diorama setups.

As you can see, many dolls just laying about in stacks waiting to go into their perspective dioramas, so many ideas, so little time and space to build!! Hopefully, cleaning out the doll room will help me to re=arrange and regroup, after I get rid of more stuff!
Meanwhile, 'Grandma' Barbie is having some pre Valentine fun with Barbie , Skipper, Chelsea, Kelly and Tiny Bjd Dixie, as well as showing off her new dress I purchased at a doll show. HOpe to get her some more clothes, this seller sells nice clothing for the Grandma Barbie. Still trying to think of a name for her- possibly Barbara??lol

The dress is covered in pink roses, and looks like the sort of thing an older lady would wear. I put some quick items of Rement out to give that pink/red Thing going on for Valentine's day, as well as the two Valentine Chelsea's one from last year and one from this year. Dixie is wearing a Valentine Chelsea's dress and shoes, really cute this year.
I need to finish this room but am unsatisfied with the walls, they move too much. So am thinking that I need to make a more permanent roombox like I did for the SKipper bedroom-

I love how this room turned out and I didn't have to repaint the vintage Skipper beds, but kept the cute vintage look with the same mod colors coordinated so it looked like a Bedroom from the 70's, similar to what my room looked like, only it was done in pink.
There are so many adorable diorama props out, especially the new mini cooper for Ken! sigh, as the dolls move out- more might move in!
When I have spare time might be working on the kitchen first. Skipper's room needs some doors, so trolling ebay soon.
UPDATE: I have a completely cool doll that I bought on Ebay coming soon- here is the link-
I found/saw this doll one day when checking a friend's pictures on Flicker, she has some cool diorama pics and thinks outside the box for her doll characters.
Known as Roville Dioramas, here is where I first saw the doll, who believe it or not, resembles a friend who passed away last year.
Roville Dioramas Flicker  I plan to do a little repaint on him, and hope to build a roombox after I get things more settled this year. I guess my way of healing/coping with his passing. And I have been itching to build like nobody's business!
Enjoy the pics! I haven't had time to do a Valentine's romantic diorama yet, still working on it!

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