Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Hinamatsuri!

I am a day late and a dollar short, but better late than never. 

On the third day of the third month in Japan, is known as the Girls day festival, or Hinamatsuri, or the Dolls Festival. Ceremonial dolls are brought out and placed on platforms covered with red cloth, representing the Emperor and Empress, the lords and ladies, the musicians, and the accessories of the court. Special foods are served, and the Tea ceremony is performed. I love setting this up but this year I did not set up my display ahead of time nor get my Asian dolls out like I had planned to do. I do have my photos from previous years. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Hinamatsuri! 


Smaller Places said...

Love, love, love the little shrine!

I just learned about this festival this morning, so you're several dollars LESS short than I am!

Farrah Lily said...

I love this! The diorama is really cool. :)

Lisa Neault said...

glad you enjoyed it! A very good book on the subject is a fictional child's book called Miss Happiness and Miss Flower with the sequel book Little Plum where the Dolls Festival is performed, inviting another doll to celebrate. I recommend reading both books by Rumor Godden. The first explains how to build a 1:12 scale Japanese dolls house but you could expand the dimensions for 1:6 if you wished. I am always looking to expand my Japanese 1:6 scale dolls and accessories in the hopes of having a 1:6 scale Japanese dollhouse.It's on my bucket list to build.