Saturday, March 7, 2015

Prepping for St. Patrick's day...

My fashion doll club has chosen a theme for its upcoming meeting on the 15th of this month as 'Mystical Ireland'. You can choose Legends, history of Ireland, Irish in America, Irish foods, myths, you name it to present in a diorama form or theme with dolls or in a vignette. The club members wanted to branch out into something different for March other than Barbie's birthday and most are gathering up funds for convention which takes place in our home state. However, I won't be attending as I attended the Fashion Royalty convention last year and couldn't afford that convention fee AND the Barbie convention fee to be sent in at the same time. Whew. *I have a rant about the Barbie convention fees but will save that soapbox for a separate theme later, lol.* 

So since my schedule is hectic with snow and ice and I have time on my hands I have been working on the theme I decided on- Irish foods. I have the materials on hand, the dolls, and the time being snowed in. Yesterday I put the finishing touches on. The only items I purchased are my dolls' outfit which was a vintage 1984 1984 Irish Barbie outfit and a Michael's crucifix pendant to hand on the wall over the fireplace. I wanted the vignette to resemble an Irish croft cottage of two Irish peasants getting ready to sit down to a full Irish breakfast. Irish foods are not really that varied, lots of meat, bread,cabbage and potatoes. Some of my items I had to throw out as they did not look as good as I thought they should. If I dislike the item I sculpt I throw it out. I can't stand it if it doesnt look perfect. I made pickled pigs feet but I am still not satisfied with the color and size of them. So they won't be used. Here are the photos of what I have so far- full Irish breakfast which has- toast, fried egg, sausage, beans; Sodabread or sour dough breads, Farl (bread) a type of pastry with  sugar on top, and corn beef sandwiches, and a basket of potatoes. 

I used Out Sass Vanessa's little boots and hosiery to go with this dress so it looks more native costume. I was going to make a little cap for her but don't think I will her hair shows off the dress too well. I am going to take my Harley Ken with her and will take some cups and forks with the foods for the display and that should complete it. I wanted to get this done as next week not sure if I will have the time to get the display done. I ordered the dress of of Ebay and was amazed at how quickly it got here! Really glad I found it. I was originally thinking of getting an Irish princess Barbie and doing stone walls but decided to go with Irish foods. I am not that thrilled with the foods but will put them in my Etsy store later as a set and see how they go. As a family we have never paid attention to St. Patrick's day at all, so I was surprised myself that so many people do, in our club. The Shamrock Celebration Barbie is an obscene price for a vinyl doll in my opinion that is going to be dragged out once a year, even though her value will go up later. Maybe $50 but not $75. I think they get away with the price by claiming she's an 'exclusive' doll. The same with Cupid's Kisses. The only one of this line I have is the Thanksgiving doll and she did not cost this much if I remember correctly- about $59 I think it was and not that much with my rewards.  So bypassing her for something else better like the Silkstones or the Basics coming soon. 
I will have more pictures on the displays next weekend after the meeting but wanted to give you a sneak peek on this and what I have been working on. I haven't sculpted food in a while and have to admit if I dislike what I have to work on it comes out in the piece. Irish food isn't exactly gourmet or 'pretty' it is more homestyle- meat, potatoes, and bread or 'comfort' foods. When you get into the recipes some of it is downright disgusting- such as blood pudding. (It isn't what you and I think of as 'pudding') Out of being curious I looked up Scottish foods, being of some Scottish descent and it didn't get much better since they too used alot of intestines. (In the South most of the intestines are used for head cheese or boiled such as chitlins, but some are mainly used in the making of lard or soap and tallow for candles in the old days).  Another problem is it is hard to get the clay warm enough to mix in this cold weather, and my hands suffer because of this. Air dry clays are easier to work with but polymers are where you can get the textures needed on miniature foods.So I will wait until spring or when it warms up a bit to begin the spring cakes and cookies and eggs for Easter. I already have some that can be done for the Patissierie. All for now~Lisa


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, I like this diorama a lot!
I don't know a lot about Irish or Scottish food, but I tried Welsh sheperds pie and it was really tasty....intestines are used in several recipes also here in Italy and if you don't think about what you're eating they are really good! LOL
Vanessa is stunning and LOVE her costume, I look forward to see Ken's outfit, but you could use Callum from the last IT Convention, he's a perfect specimen of a black haired Irish!
Kisses Billa

Smaller Places said...

The food looks like a real magazine photo-shoot of food!

Vanessa has quite stunning hair.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Smaller places. She is actually an Anja.
Bill, I never thought of using Callum. That would be a great choice instead of a Harley ken. Now to find an outfit to fit him, since he's
I know intestines are used in haggis in scottish food, (yuck, just the description made me barf. ) and you're right if you don't know what you're eating, they are right good. I could never eat caviar because of this- I know it's fish eggs. oof. just that- fish and fish eggs. and the smell. lol....
off to find callum and see if he would work!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy St. Patrick's Day .. Great preparations. Very tasty foods. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Your bread looks tasty. It'll fly off your Etsy listing ;-)

Your Anja sparkles. She looks refined and glamorous. Polished.

Have you ever had scrapple? I enjoy it pan fried crisp and served with grits or buttered toast. Yum.

Lisa Neault said...

Dzana, my grandfather used to eat scrapple. I haven't ever ate it though. He also used to get up and fry fish and fatback in the mornings too, with his breakfast in the summer. Herring and scrapple, with hashbrowns. He liked that before he went fishing in the mornings. Even though my mother's family was from the river down here in the Northern neck on the Rappahanock river, and I live near it now, I still can't abide eating fish, LOL... isn't that funny?
i have seen it cooked and served though with grits and toast and bacon.