Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Display windows at LaBelle's ..Finished!

Well I finished them and re-vamped the interior of LaBelle's with the Mattel closet. I was not sure at first it would fit but decided to try it. This diorama is bigger than I thought. It is a large structure and I need to get used to cramming it full, it is just very hard to stage as it is only open on each end and the door has to be removed from the front or thru the windows to stage which can be difficult. 
I decided to go with making one window total Easter, and the other one make up and cosmetics and with a mannequin dressed picking up the colors of the nail polish and the other mannequin (black) displaying the silver necklace piece. More striking that way. I am going out today to look for more little vase jars, and more dollar tree flowers as the shop needs more color. 
Anyhow, onto the pics!

The flowers were pulled directly off of the bunches and the eggs were cut off of the bunch with scissors. The grass is just the paper grass spread on the floor. The basket is a dollhouse miniature basket and the shoes that match the basket are tucked in. The bunny is from Holland Barbie. The flowers are tucked into a 1:12 scale dollhouse garden urn found in a dollhouse shop from my collection. I used one of my Picasso stickers on those plastic magnetic frames on the side of the closet to give color and interest to the display. the last two photos are taken with low light to make it look as though late night shopping in the evening.

The interior and the far end of LaBelle's with the Mattel closet and the Bespaq armoire. One of the Haruko mannequins are on the stage wearing a Fashion Royalty gown with a Bespaq chair. The Bespaq armoire is also staged open with a purse, shoe and accessory display. There are flower arrangements on the glass mirror tables beside the door, but they need to be larger and more vibrant. I want to put those flower arrangements somewhere else in the shop or in another diorama. 

Here are some closeups of the accesory displays. First in the Bespaq armoire, there is the Picasso print, a stardoll jacket, the zebra purse is a Hobby Lobby christmas ornament find, shoes, and sunglasses and shoe box. I will probably do a little more on this display with some more knick nacks like a Ruetter vase or some flowers or some Easter eggs in a basket or something. It needs a little bit of color. 
The make up display in the window I really like how this turned out though I might take down the loungerie and place that elsewhere and put something pink to tone with the dress. Maybe move it over so it isn't so distracting. 
One of the reasons I made LaBelle's into a permanent shop was shops like this just don't exist anymore.  I remember as a little girl my mother putting on hat and gloves if she even thought of going into a place like this. (This type of shop was usually off of her budget level but she loved to go in and 'window shop' as she called it, or buy herself a pair of gloves or a hat if she had enough money which was rare).  These types of shops sometimes had models who would model the fashions for you. The larger department stores wrapped your purchases in tissue paper in a BOX then put it into a shopping bag with their logo on it. If you purchased alot it would be delivered to your address. One of the things I would also like to do is have a doorman at the door as well. Shopping was an experience in those days. I guess that is why I enjoy shows like Selfridges on Masterpiece theater. 
Enjoy the pics!


The Duke of Swann said...

Very very nice

Phyllis said...

Lisa, you have once again outdone yourself! The Barbie closet looks great at La Belle's. I am loving the spring line of clothes and the ladies look like they are enjoying shopping.

Muff said...

Whoa, this is spectacular! Very vibrant and lots of activity in the shop.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, I'm stunned! The clothes you picked for the display are perfect, and I love how you arranged the boutique.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you guys, that means so much. I was afraid it wouldn't mesh together. When I begin to put things together one thing leads to another and it is just a matter a of rummaging and foraging through all of the clothing and shoes and seeing if it looks good and tweaking it as I go. I need to buy some more wigs for those mannequins. It is hard to get clothes to fit them- the star doll clothes and liv doll clothing fits, and vintage cher- I imagine sindy and tammy doll would too. I've been thinking of buying some monique wigs that would make the mannequins look really good for future displays.
I have so little room for prop display left on my shelves that I had to put the close in the boutique! and I've been thinking of buying another one but don't know where I would store it! The dilemna of a diorama building. I have two or three boxes of clothes that I need to reorganize as well as shoes. One drawer for shoes just isn't cutting it. These windows will stay up through April and then I will think up something for summer, maybe something sporty for fourth of July or Memorial day.

Smaller Places said...

So pretty! It reminds me of the spring flower show at Macy's Herald Square, for being so elegant and coordinated.

Farrah Lily said...

This is just amazing to me...I can see how much work you must've put into this!