Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shopping therapy....more dolls!

I believe in my heart of hearts that doll collectors are frustrated fashion divas. I know when I was younger and in better shape I could not go by a pair of shoes without bringing them home...neither could my mother! Victoria's secret and Lerner's (I think it is now called Lerner's New York or something else now) used to be my home away from home as a teenager. I couldn't afford the trendy Casual Corner. Remember this was the 80's before Abercrombie & Bitch, snicker. ) 
Anyways, today I had some errands to run and on that side of town there is a Toys R Us..diorama heaven. I decided to take one of my Momoko dolls for some shopping therapy as I have been feeling squirrely with the snow and also family drama lately. Cookie agreed. 

I had been meaning to treat myself to more MiWorld little packs as well as one of the new Disney dolls Lady Tremaine. Well I picked her up. 

I wanted two, but there was only one anyway. Tons of the Fairy Godmother and Cinderalla. I want them as well. I want two of this one because I want to rebody one on an FR body, she looks so good rebodied. She also looks stunning as is, her gown could pass for a modern ball gown or a sort of 1920's Downtown Abbey type of gown as well. I adore Cate Blanchette. She will look so good with my Agnes. 
Other goodies. The Poppies were upset that Cookie got to go shopping. She also got a tshirt at Walmart...

They are also selling little pizzas like the ones Ken and Johnny are checking out. The girls were upset Cookie got a tshirt and all they got was nailpolish and no clothes. Greedy Poppies.....The guys were pleased they got food. 
Onto the shopping experience in Toys R US. They are bombarding us in the toy aisle...

This is the Maleficent Aurora doll. I thought she was really lovely, but not lovely at 39.99. I couldn't tell if she was on sale, she probably was. They were having sales throughout the store. Barbie stuff was on sale at 25% off. 

There seems to be a variety of items in the pink aisle this year. 

a horse and carriage for instance. This once was tempting until I saw the horse with the pink mane.
a cute playhouse for Chelsea and friends it even comes with chelsea sized furniture

this shower and sink has alot of diorama possibilities so we don't have to go and build one out of foamcore. Just spray paint off the hideous pink

My favorite at Walmart was Malibu Market! I saw this for the first time today. It was totally awesome. I loved the magazine rack. I hate the cart but I know where I can get a realistic shopping cart. I have so wanted to do a grocery store. They also had the bakery. 

Cinderally and the Fairy Godmother up close together.  I don't think you will run out of these two as it seems that Cate Blanchette is the one that they are running scarce on. There are another set of these by Disney and they are currently on sale 15% off at the Mattel website, the Cinderalla in the bridal gown and this Cinderalla are on sale but only this week. I passed because when you add shipping you are paying the same price. Just suck it up and pay the $40 with tax or wait for Walmart's clearance and hope you can grab one.
Toys R Us also had a sale on these. I had already broken my budget so didn't want to come home with more more dolls (Fabulously Floral is on her way as we speak) and though I want the evil queen and suspect she is in articulated evil glory, I will bypass, sob.) She even has an apple. And I have one of the classic snow whites. And yes I want to do a cool scene. More diorama regrets later...

It seems Barbie is getting a shopping mall to go with all the cool shopping furniture. I know diorama artists will be buying this and spray painting the pink horrors away for our Fashion Royalty and Poppy divas. I can picture this paired with our Rement display cases and the MY Scene items. Shopping diorama splendor. Only problem it is pretty pricey. Let's hope Toys R Us has a sale really soon because it takes up alot of shelf space.
When Barbie moved to Malibu near the mall you didn't think she moved down? Well she moved up and wow what a house. Not like that slum she had last year. Look at the square footage! Not like that rat hole over 50 years ago! No way! There isn't even room for the little girl in this picture. By the way, you can use part of her college fund to put a down payment on the mortgage for Barbie's Malibu dreamhouse. Precious won't mind foregoing that college education, lol....
These two looked new to me- Film Director who looks like she has the new 'flat feet and Entreprenuer. I liked both of their outfits, just not the dolls. No articulation. The accessories were cute though. 

I had alot of temptation to overcome with the Ever after dolls. I have never ever liked Monster High dolls. They look too weird, too skinny and just do not appeal to me as a collector. Ever After do look cute and like collector quality. They are very well packaged and thoughtfully executed for playline. I love the spin on fairytales as I love the how they have done this. This line gets more and more tempting each time I go down these aisles. Especially the Mad Hatter series...
Walmart also had some new stuff out. 
Get a load of these little pirate Disney fairies? Are they a boatload of cute or what? I used to have tiny dolls like this I carried around as a kid and played with in my dollhouse. I thought this could be a purse fairy. Ok she is just cute. 

You can't see her clearly but click on the pic to enlarge it- the Kira is adorable. She has a very sweet face. Chelsea is just well, Chelsea but this Kira has something what Kelly used to look like. If I didn't have to buy food today I would have purchased a Kira. Yeah, I had bought a doll today so I had to be good. Lady Tremaine went over the budget, lol.

I usually always check out the Disney stuff no matter where I go because their items always come in handy in some way in a diorama. I am still buying Disney Princess furniture props that I find on sale and spray painting the purple and pink. But here is a piece of Frozen horror I don't want you to miss-

UGH! What mom would buy this for their kid? I can't imagine waking up and wanting to brush the hair on that evil looking thing. Especially if I was the mom and had to wake up in the morning and see this thing without a cup of coffee! LOL...Maybe I'm just that kind of kid and remember the Barbie head that all the little girls had on the block. She was a lot prettier than this thing from frozen snow land. Is it just me or am I the only one ready to let Frozen go?  About the only prop in the Frozen section I have ever seen worth salvaging is the reindeer in the set with Elsa and Anna and I wasn't willing to pay the $35 they were asking, I think it came with a sleigh and Anna and the reindeer. 
So lots of new stuff out there to watch out for. It has been so long since I was able to get to the stores with the new items they have out, I thought I would do a blog on what's out and about and with a funny twist on it. Lisa


Muff said...

What a photographic bonanza! So many cool items. I'm going to look out for that MiWorld pack.

Lisa Neault said...

They have a ton of new ones. Toys R Us I dont' get to as much as Target, and ToysRUS has more variety.

Smaller Places said...

Your TRU trip was massively more fun than anywhere I've looked at dolls lately! Thank you for sharing so many photos!

I'd never seen a Lady Tremaine at all... she's the most appealing of the bunch from Cinderella.

Jaye said...

After reading your post, I literally got up and went to Toys R Us. I was inspired to look for that line of 'Starter' furniture. I am totally going to have to tell my husband you made me do it when he asks why I have so much stuff again.

Well, thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, so many things! I like a lot the bathroom set, this Barbie series of furniture is pretty interesting, and it isn't really too pink after all!
I can't wait to see Cate on a FR Body, you had a great idea!

Farrah Lily said...

Cute post! I was smiling at at lot of the photos..."Greedy Poppies." :)
I love checking out the toy isles of our local Walmart and Target. I feel like I would rather buy dolls/toys sometimes than clothing for myself. Is this normal? Haha...

Lisa Neault said...

Yes, after my errands where Toys R us is located, way on the other side of town, I had to hit walmart and that's where I had to buy 'food' before I started for home, lol. (I did treat Cookie to a tshirt pak!) But I passed on Kira. I might go back for her!!!)
I don't get to go to Toys R us because the one near me closed, and the closest one I went to is about 40 miles away I would estimate. Quite a drive, about 25-30 minutes away. So I decided I was going to take some photos and share with my friends here. They have so much stuff and I so wanted that Malibu shopping mall. I'm addicted I tell you. I was a shopa holic in my teens and 20's and now my dolls are. lol. Now my dolls wear the expensive clothes and I just build the expensive shops for them. I still have the expensive clothes I can't fit into anymore, lol. I'd rather buy dolls or clothes for them now.

Phyllis said...

Thanks for the retail therapy session. I have been pretty much house bound the last couple of weeks due to illness, but enjoyed your little tour. Lady Tremaine is really pale so I am curious to see what body you put her on. Did you see the redo that Roville did on a Lady Tremaine? She took out her curls, and she looks amazing! I have her too, and I washed and conditioned her hair, but it is still very curly. I put her on an Elvis Barbie body, but it is really not pale enough. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Lisa Neault said...

I think Ro put her on a japan FR body, of which I have two I bought at convention last year. I am hoping after I debox her the body will match. She didn't post on DollDivas message board what body she used. I saw her photos and she may have used a gel to straighten out her hair.I love her hair has it is, but that is just me. I am not as edgy as Ro, lol.
I have been housebound for a while too becuaseof the weather and have been quite squirrely. So the past couple of days the weather has just been wonderful and warm, sunny, spring is just about here. Yesterday it poured rain and it's sunny today. I have a doll club meeting so should have more to blog about this evening!!!