Saturday, March 1, 2014

St. Patrick's day shamrock cookies

Top o' the mornin' to ye, it's March 1st and I thought I would show my shamrock cookie boards and cookies I made on a whim for St. Patrick's day.  I would love to make beer and haggis, corn beef and cabbage, but it doesn't look appetizing in full scale, (except maybe the beer-) so I won't make it in 1:6 scale. lol. 
I have been working with some techniques to make iced cookies and yesterday created two cookie sets with an Irish doily as well as two shamrock cookie preparation boards. Cookie sets with doilies are $5.99 with free shipping and the cookie boards are 24.99. Don't forget I give free shipping on my miniature foods in both my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios as well as my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios- to get to the Etsy shop, click on the box at the top of my blog and it will take you there. I am also working on Easter items too, so if I am ahead of schedule for the holidays- yeah for me! Usually when holidays roll around I do not get holiday food items or ideas until the last minute. 
The shamrock cookies turned out better than I expected. The Easter items I am gathering some supplies for but more cookie and egg boards will be coming to you! As well as baskets, etc. Here are some photos of the cookie boards-

I have shown the items here with various different dolls so you can see hand size comparisons- GI Joe, Blythe, Poppy, Barbie and so on. Remember to bookmark both of my sites on Etsy and Ebay- if one sells out on one site, you can hop to the other to purchase it. I can also make duplicates of this if you miss out on them. 
Now for other doll news- more dolls are incoming! I won the online doll Victoire Roux in Montreal but I haven't deboxed her- she is gorgeous! (I am already thinking she needs alot of caviar, crudite, and escargot to eat, or big platters of veggies and fruits with dips like Alexis Carrington on Dynasty used to eat. (My mother and I were big fans of Dynasty & Dynasty- the Colbys in the 80's- we could never get enough of Joan Collins as Alexis and Crystal. especially the clothes, shoes, minks, food, did I mention the shoes??lol)
I also have another GI Joe arriving soon from the GI Joe Collector's club I got on sale as well as the club doll. GI Joe collector club is having an awesome sale and it brings back memories of playing with the kid next door in the sandbox with his joes and my barbies. The only problem I have is he does not sit correctly- he almost lays in the chair. But I do love their face molds alot and the fuzzheads. Creating foods for them has been fun. I would love to do a 'man' type of scene where they are playing poker or sitting watching football on TV with all sorts of snack foods and beer and sodas all about. 
Though I have put the Marie Antoinette project on slight hold, that is by no means dead. I have purchased an extra KYU on Ebay for Louis' articulated body and now I need to make his suit. The french doors have been put aside for the moment until the Japanese diorama is finished and all pics are done of it. I have a ton of sewing and sculpting to do as my Man of Asia is going to be the shogun chef and needs pants and a jacket and shoes. I also need to make the shogun chef style oven/table thing you see in the Japanese steakhouses. I was really pleased with how some of my fish and sushi turned out and have more ideas on how to make it look good. Don't worry, what I don't use I will sell!lol!
More doll stuff coming up!

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