Saturday, March 22, 2014

More Momoko Love & The Big Bang Theory

Momoko Wake Up no. 16 basic doll arrived yesterday from Fabric and Friends so she matches my No. 15. If you are just beginning to collect Momoko, the store is having a sale on these two- $75 each and with shipping it worked out to $81, not bad for a hard to get Japanese edition doll in the USA. The owner is quite helpful and so I highly recommend this shop, they carry more than just Integrity but alot of hard to find dolls. 

These dolls are so freaking adorable...I have named her Scout as she is such a cute little tomboy and reminds me of Scout from the movie & book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. One of my all time favorite books I read when I was twelve or thirteen. The sad part of great literature such as this is most kids will never read it because of the controversial topic, since it took place in the time of the Depression in the Deep South, they totally miss the whole core value /moral of the book of great love, integrity, and making hard choices no matter what the cost. Ok, off my soap box rant, lol...

Here are some photos of Scout and Cookie.

More dolls are incoming as well. I have joined the GI Joe Collector's club and they are coming to the end of their sale - there are about two or three more Joes and some accessories coming into Barbietown. When taking photos I was amazed at how much Land Sea adventurer looks like Scout with the red hair.

 Now to find Joe a doll who would be a great wife and mom for Scout. Though the articulation isn't that great on GI Joe- he cannot sit very well at all! I love their face molds because they look like 'real' men. Below are some more photos of Cookie and Scout together.

Now onto The Big Bang Theory! I recently came across on some of my friends from Flicker, photos of dolls made to look like the characters of the Big Bang Theory, which is my favorite show, or one of them. So I decided in a Tag Game: Favorite Fictional characters on Flicker I did both Penny & Amy- my own variation.

I used To the Fair Poppy for the scantily clad Penny plus some Re-ment takeout chinese food and tied her hair back. Amy Farrah Fowler is done with my hybrid Barbie basics on a LIV doll body (she usually is known as Miss Happiness) with a generic Ken bag, country western Barbie shirt, skirt is from That Girl Barbie, tights are from Barbie Basics the Look and shoes are some miscellaneous flats that fit the LIV doll feet.
I got to thinking it would be one cool diorama to replicate - either Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, Penny's apartment or the hallway too. I began googling for dolls and came up with Greggo's custom Dr. Sheldon Cooper . This artist is on Facebook and his Sheldon is AMAZING. Even down to the box art, the Thai food, his comic books, bag, and his Flash Gordan tee shirt. I recognized his t shirts as the work of Hegemony77 on Flicker who did custom Sheldon Flash Gordan , Green Hornet, and Batman tshirts with the long sleeved shirt underneath and the pants. I have priced her work and the shirts run$40 plus $6 shipping (she is located out of Budapest) and is on Etsy . Needless to say, I have found a custom Sheldon head on Ebay and will hopefully be making my own Sheldon Cooper. I haven/'t found custom Leonard, Raj and Howard sculpts but do have a doll in mind for Bernadette. So that is another diorama project besides the Chateau project that is also in the works as well. 


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Great new doll ... We keep in touch

Vanessa said...

Congrats on your cute new Momoko. She's adorable. Your Amy is perfect, and so is that custom Sheldon! I'm looking forward to seeing the others. That is one of my favorite shows.