Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Boulangerie....

I found some time a few days ago before the weekend to work on some new items- Easter cookies! I decided to put away the Japanese room diorama, but before I did so, Miss Happiness & Miss Flower packed away the Ceremonial dolls in the French Bespaq Louis XV cabinet.

This cabinet was manufactured by Bespaq, where the best large scale furniture comes from.  It is one of my most treasured pieces, I love the style and how it displays miniatures. 
I originally meant to create some diorama pieces for a Japanese steakhouse diorama, with sushi, the Japanese chef- GI Joe japanese guy was going to be him. I will probably still do it, but I still have the Chateau project in the works and I need to get sewing on that - serious sewing. As well as gathering together the dolls who will be the Dauphin and Marie-Therese. I also have some amazing custom props by Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay that I will be debuting here in this diorama- so stay tuned! By May I will probably be seriously working on that project.
For now, I created some new Easter cookies and other Easter items are in the works for the Ebay and Etsy stores. You can click on the Etsy box above on this blog and it will take you to my Etsy shop. I currently have put some St. Patrick's day cookie prep boards and plates of shamrock cookies on Ebay with a few other food items such as pancakes, eggs and sausage, hot dog and fries, and more. Click HERE to view my Ebay 1:6 scale food auctions ending soon on the March 12th and March 14th.

Here are some pics of the items I worked on, as well as moving the boulangerie from the doll room to my dining room so I can work on the details. Here are some of the pics!

 This diorama is small, so I don't really have room for a sink, oven, and all the bells and whistles. I don't really have room in my diorama /doll room for another 20x20x30 room display! LaBelle's takes up a bit of space. This one I am hoping to add filled shelves behind Poppy on the walls with breads and pastries and coffee items and signs as well. Sort of a chic high end grab n' go type of place. I used those Disney princess teaset playsets and spray painted them black and they look great. Curtains need to be made, alot of details need to be done. I raised the counter on 1/2 inch foamcore covered with contact paper and didthe same to the cash register counter- it was an old McDonald's barbie playset piece that was just the counter and frame. 
Easter goodies and baskets are in the making and should be up soon...enjoy!

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