Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Hinamatsuri!

Happy Hinamatsuri! On the third day of the third month, in Japan, a festival known as Girls' day festival or the doll festival is celebrated with Ceremonial dolls and festive foods. (Boys have their own festival as well on a special day) Today, I am showing you the finished Japanese room diorama, with Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Ivy and her dad preparing the dolls on their steps and eating a meal. 
I hope you post or celebrate your own miniature Hinamatsuri festival with your dolls and hold this as a special day. I am snowed in right now so am not doing much except my blog entry here and enjoying the diorama. Enjoy!


Vanessa said...

Your dio and the Japanese family are lovely. Nice to learn more about Hinamatsuri. Which doll is the child? Love her!

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Vanessa. The child is a mini American girl doll Ivy. She is available on but I buy my mini american girl dolls from or amazon for about $15-16 dollars plus shipping. They cost more at the Barnes and Noble bookstores- about $22 in the children's book section. They measure about 6 inches high and are perfect children/sisters to the only hearts club dolls and big girls for Chelsea and Kelly. I have several of these little dolls and they are great. you can also sometimes buy them in lots on ebay

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the info. I have seen quite a few of the mini American Girl dolls in person and on your site, but I had never seen Ivy. She's adorable.