Sunday, March 23, 2014

1970 Vintage Country Camper find

I think one of the reasons all of us collect dolls is at heart, we remember those happy hours of imaginative play we had- and what kind of dolls it does not matter- when we were small. There were no headaches except going to school and doing homework & a few household chores that your mom nagged you about. I know when I get together with the ladies from my Va. Fashion doll club, most of them collect vintage Barbie because that is what they have so many fond memories of- their Mother taking them shopping for Barbie's new outfit or wonders- getting the dream house for Christmas. I used to laugh at how people would go nuts over original packaging, still intact or even partially intact, until I myself succombed to the vintage mania. Such is the quest for the Barbie Country Camper.

I finally found one that looked like the one my Mom got rid of when I was a teenager and thought I was 'too old' for Barbies. I had both the Camper and the beach buggy- the Blue beach van is harder to find. I have on and off scoured Ebay for a camper that looked like mine with minimal damage. Some campers had the plaid tent and a pink and white flower design on the fold down table, others varied too. But lo and behold, I was scouring eBay yet again when just listed- was a Country camper, 1970, in the original box, unassembled. 

Wonder of wonders- it had the same orange tent and design patterns my old camper had I received when I was six or seven years old. It is fuzzy when I received it- I am guessing it may have been either a birthday present or a Christmas present. I also remember having tons of fun with my Malibu Barbie, PJ, Ken and Skipper going camping. The kid next door would bring his GI Joes and his Joe jeep and Joe would drive the camper because Barbie didn't know how (Ken didn't have a license because to us- he was a beach bum!lol so he didn't have a job!) the hours of play that camper received yet it was still in minor good condition except for a small rip in the tent- it seems all the tents on these campers were fragile- my mother would have me clean the wheels and wipe it down after I played with it. So I learned to take care of my toys. Her reasoning was if we played in the sand box with it I would track sand into the house, and the little boys mother next door thought the same. 
So my quest for the camper brought back alot of fond memories of growing up, when things and people were simpler, and Barbie cost $3.00 , lol. I think now if I find a fashion pak dress set for that much in Tuesday morning I've hit the jackpot!
The camper was missing the directions, so I am guessing someone got it, it came with two sleeping bags, two stools. My camper came with the campfire and cooking pots, so I may start looking for them on Ebay. The box graphics on this item were bold and lovely, and I think someone, whoever owned it, kept it in the box because that was a handy place to keepit, unassembled. Either way, it is an early birthday present or Easter present for me- birthday isn't until May!
So I took some quick pics of it yesterday. I will take more when I am more prepared and get everything together. I have been having knee and back pain so wasn't easy to stage the item. I meant to get my malibu Ken, Barbie and PJ in their outfits to stage with it, but haven't yet. So Poppy, the Momokos Scout and Cookie and GI Joe got to use the new camper.

The box was just as much of a present as the camper. I so remember tearing off the paper when I opened it as a child- who could resist the pictures of Ken, Barbie and PJ on the front? Here are some pics of the interior .

As you can see with Cookie standing by the tent, it is best for 'display' versus play. I folded it back up so Joe could drive (he is a little tall his head hits the roof) it reminds me of when my dad used to drive our camper, looking out the window and his rear view mirror having mom guide him as he backed into the spot at the campground. 

Unfortunately, Joe has chosen to park in front of LaBelle's and set up because there is a picnic table nearby! I did not have my vintage Malibu dolls ready except for Skipper. The swimsuit she is wearing came from a popular fashion pak for Skipper when the Olympics was on in 1971 or 1972? I cannot remember, I was only 6 or 7 years old. There was one for Barbie too- it came with a gold medal and red white and blue towel. When the Olympics were going on I came across this and meant to do photos of my Skipper, but she's ready now. Her original swimsuit- orange- I think is not in good condition or complete, I will have to look for it. One reason it is the same exact orange as the camper! 
I am planning to have some outdoor pics this year and the camper, along with my picnic table I have, will look great. I am also hoping to score a tent and some other items to create a really great scene. Iwould like to do more outdoor photos with the dolls so hopefully will get to do that if it stops snowing and spring gets here! Tuesday we are supposed to get a sleet/snow mix- again!
Enjoy the pics and more coming!


Cindi Mortensen said...

Love the camper Lisa! Congrats on finding it. :-)

The Duke of Swann said...

This is awesome! What an amazing camper. Old toys are often super cool.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi, I nominated your blog for the Versatile blog award:

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I feel identified with you. I also like to get the toys I had when I was a child. Big and beautiful memories. Great country camper. Keep in touch

billa's dolls and fashions said...

You're so right, this brought up so many great memories of afternoons spent playing with my brother and sister with Barbie's camper and pool....OMG. Thanks Lisa!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you all for the kind comments!

Billa, thank you so much! I have never won an award for my blogging- this is such an honor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I'm glad I discovered your blog thanks to Billa! I have this camper too, great isn't it! Lovely post, you have beautiful dolls too (I love the Momokos!).