Saturday, March 29, 2014

New GI Joes have arrived..

I have had bunches and bunches of dolls that have arrived. First, Morning Dove arrived on Thursday...with my GI Joes arriving yesterday. Before that, my 2nd Momoko arrived whom I named Scout, she is so cute. I still have not deboxed Evening in Montreal Victoire! 

Here are some pics of the Joes. I acquired Man of Evil 2012 exclusive, and Adventure team guy too. I didn't deck them out in all of their gear. These Joes you will only find if you become a member of the GI Joe Collector club. The only problem I have with them is their ability to sit- very poseable, great facemolds. Man of Evil is quite interesting because he has a face mask but his 'real' face he is missing an eye with a scar, has an eye patch too. I thought he would be interesting to visit the Baroness. 

the clothing for these figures is really high quality. The little insignias are simply stickers that come off too easily. The Joes all have dog tags that are detailed too. The fuzzhead with the beard also has a camo jacket that goes on underneath the black jacket and he wears a tank top and boxer briefs as well. I purchased an extra set of boots so my Man of Asia could have some boots. The fuzzhead w/ beard also came with guns, as well as a skateboard! 
I did some recent sock sewing too for Scout. I had purchased some cute socks to experiment with and had an idea for use with some embellishments. Well, I made her one of those funny caps with dangling pom pom ties and used pom poms to make it look like a face on the cap.

Her sweater and cap were great fun to make. I loved how the sweater came together like a hoodie gathered at the neck with the pom poms that match the orange in her sweater, Momokos are so cute in bright colors. 
I have recently started a workout regimen at American Family and Fitness gym,with a trainer,  so my blogging may be cut back a bit. I had an indepth blog post I needed to do but have it in a draft, as it takes so much time with the links that I have /need to include. My health has not always been my first priority, and now that my schedule is manageable, I am making my health no. 1 at this time. Since starting I have felt better and I am able to move more quickly or have more energy. Also beginning to pay attention to what I eat, and not eat on the run so much. Now that I am slowing my schedule down a bit, I am hoping to devote more time to creating new items for the dolls, and my Etsy and Ebay stores as well. 


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your collection is very large. Keep in touch

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, they look like a rugged bunch! I'm curious to see them in your future dioramas.
That sock sweater is sooo cute, I've got to decide myself to buy some cheap socks, as my girls and boys are in great need of swaters!
Starting to do some gym is a great idea too, with the good season I've started running again and it makes you feel great!

D7ana said...

Congrats on your new Joes and your new Momoko.

Lisa Neault said...

Hi everyone, thank you!
Billa, yes the gym makes me feel great, I spend too much time behind two computers, ipad with the business bookwork, invoicing, and a thousand other details . Socks are best purchased at Walmart, Target and the dollar stores, in bunches/of 3 or 5 so you have plenty of socks in case you make a mistake. I use snaps for closure too.