Monday, March 31, 2014

New Props for the Chateau project & Victoire love

I acquired some new props for the Chateau project and have just had time to take some photos of them. I also deboxed Evening in Montreal Victoire and took some photos of her with my Monte Carlo Victoire. To date I have three Victoires, I really love this character the W club came up with. 
First acquisition- this came over a week ago, but I set it aside as I wanted to set up a proper diorama to showcase it. This is my new plaster fireplace, hearth, screen from 
Jim Coates Collection on Ebay His work is stunning and the go to guy for an artisan quality period fireplace- they are handcarved, poured and just exquisite. I also received some decorative pilaster shelves to display porcelains on as well, right now I am just showcasing the fireplace in all of its glory. The mirror is by him as well- his mirrors hang in my shop LaBelle's.
2nd prop is a working grandfather clock that is just simply amazing. I love this piece and it is perfect, perfect scale. 
Evening in Montreal- well she has been deboxed and is lovely. I won't be parting with this lovely. Only beef is like Monte Carlo, her shoes will not fit with her hose on. I did not try on her gloves.
Enjoy the pictures!