Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baking Bread in the Little House kitchen...

Once again I have been baking, or rather, baking for Ma Ingalls. It bothered me there was no goodies or food since Laura talks of baking bread, fishing, many activities which centered around food. So I finished some loaves and biscuits. Who didn't eat biscuits? Being from the South, I remember my grandmother telling me about going to school and taking large homemade biscuits with ham on them, and that was their lunch--however the town kids made fun of her and her sisters because the bread wasn't sliced loaf bread purchased for a nickel at the store! It shows how times have changed. 
There is more bread up in my Etsy store but it's going fast. I never thought in a million years I would create something for a project and then have other collectors admire it and buy it! It is fun. Still planning my boulangerie with sketches and specific dimensions with hubby. I am thinking of making a mockup of foamcore board with the components to get a feel for the dimensions before I start with wood. 
I hope to have the breads I finished last night up in the store by tomorrow or Tuesday!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great job. Beautiful creations of bread. I love this Barbie cook. Stunning kitchen. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

You and Ma Ingalls have been busy. LOL. Bread everywhere. Nice job. Funny you mention biscuits with ham in them. That is something my mother cooks and sells at farmer's markets. People love them. So you are right. Times sure have changed.