Thursday, April 4, 2013

New camera in the house!

YEAH ME! I was finally able to get my camera that I have been putting off buying because of dolly orders no less. The Canon Powershot A2300 is one serious great little camera. The camera is sold out at my Wal-mart where I originally ordered it, but was in Sam's club for the same $79 price. Carma? Don't know but I adore this camera. I am not the best at taking pics, in fact, I suck a bit at it. Now I have a camera that puts me on a somewhat even level with other dolly people who take wonderful pics.

Below, Aileen Giles Parker (Truly Madly Deeply Agnes) Poppy's mother, is hosting the tea for Agnes, her niece at the mansion. (Agnes is out shopping today with Natalia). Aileen is hoping Poppy will come to the tea, as her oldest daughter, Patricia (Patty) has arrived with the other ladies. I do not have great lighting and this camera really picked up the details of the diorama.

The pictures just came out so crisp and clear! Yes, that is 'That Girl' Barbie who is the new maid. Lucia didn't do so well as maid, (too tall) . I'm hoping to find another one of these maid outfits as Agnes needs a bunch of maids in the house. I got the little maid outfit off of Ebay last year, should have bought two of them. 
I have been trying to figure out how to continue Poppy and Ryan's story but haven't had time to configure the storyline and set up the props. Ryan hasn't yet met Poppy's parents, or her older sister Patty. I was thinking of having a couple of scenes where Poppy meets with her parents and her sister and tries to explain about Ryan. 
Back to my camera- it is very simple and easy to use, but there is some setup on the computer as it comes with software CD , which I loaded onto my main PC in the office, I usually just upload to my netbook. 
All for now, and enjoy the new pictures!~Lisa


Vita Plastica said...

So excited for you. I understand, I'm terrible at picture taking! But I have wanted a better look at your collection so I'm excited for me too! And thank you for allowing comments! I've wanted to tell you for so long how much I love your collection and your town set up!

Vanessa said...

Yay! Congrats on getting the new camera.