Friday, April 12, 2013

On my Etsy shop now!

I had a wonderful day today.....I had decided to list some items to see how well received my miniature foods would be received by an audience, and boy was I blown away! within a couple of hours of listings 6 items, they were all sold out! I simply couldn't believe it. I was so encouraged and excited, I went ahead and listed more items that I had put to the side but decided why not. My Etsy store- Pumpkin Hill Studios has currently been re-filled and you can see the items in my Etsy store box to the side of the blog.
Above are some of the photos of the items, small items, and large ones, and most if not all the items have the food so you can move it around the napkin or bread board how you like.

I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, the emails and encouragement. I have been suffering from stress and really picked up the clay just because it was fun to do and relaxed me. My relaxation came and I found myself excited about creating a diorama of this size such as boulangerie and filling it with my own homemade items, the whole thing my creation. Though the roombox is still sketches and drawings, I know I'm on to something when I go to sleep and dream about and wake up thinking what I'd like to make next! So it has been fun. I will try to create more items but the breads sometimes take a while until I'm satisfied with their size shape, and color.

Enjoy the photos- and be sure to browse!~Lisa

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