Thursday, April 18, 2013

Projects and building...

Projects, projects! It seems as soon as I start one diorama another mushrooms off of that!
While working on the Laura Ingalls dugout- still working on that one, weather has held me up yet again, I came up with the idea to build a boulangerie/patisserie in the french style to display my miniature foods I am selling on Etsy. (to view my Etsy offerings, click on the viewbar at the top of this blog) Hubby has said he will build it if I decide what dimensions, etc. to make it. 
Shopping for supplies also has its drawbacks- I went to Michael's a day or two ago - and foamboard was .88 cents each!!! I bought 5 sheets even though I had more at home, you can never have enough white foamboard. So my boulangerie can be mocked up until the wood roombox can be built. 

In my purchase of supplies, I was able to get the items to make the signs. I want a shabby chic french look to the shop. I think this works. Here are the pics of the signs.

Oops, I forgot to take pics of the Boulangerie sign- will do that again. I played with placement and figuring out what I would like the boulangerie to have - should it be all shop showcase and nothing else? Perhaps a small restuarant/bakery kitchen in the back?? Sketching to figure out what it should look like as well as googling pics of French boulangeries in France. 
On another note, I finished a chocolate cake. Sorry to say the cake itself looked like someone opened the oven door and it fell on one side. however the cake slice came out nicely and Pa Ingalls was certainly enjoying it! Back to the drawing board on creating a cake with a slice out of it, I will use this in my dioramas for fun scenes when Ryan and Poppy cook together. 

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