Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blueberries, Blueberries....

I have some items I created here, and some have sold, some are just listed in my Etsy store. Link to my Etsy is above the blog post. 
As the title says, the dolls were all into Blueberries today. This is some of the items I created. (The Blueberry pie preparation board has already sold, hopefully I will be able to do another one of these if there is an interest.)

All of the blueberries in the pie, tarts and prep board were individually handsculpted. I was really pleased with the effect of the broken egg on the board- reminds me what a careless cook I sometimes am myself! I was thinking of blueberry pie today so decided the dolls needed one or two. 

The prep board I can probably do again; it comes with 2 whole eggs, 1 broken egg with yolk on the board, punnet basket of blueberries and a pastry crust in the pie pan- all of it glued onto the wood board. The tarts and pie are still in my Etsy store.

On another note, I decided to go through my unboxed dolls I have about the house who have not yet been deboxed. I was quite astounded at the number so far.

So far, I have the washer and dryer set, I can be a Teacher set, Out Sass Vanessa club doll from the W club that just arrived, The Great Oz (had to pick him up before he couldn't be found!) and Chrissy and Barbie bedtime set. 

That is a total of four unboxed dolls and one unboxed playset. I have decided to give myself a de-boxing day on my birthday, May 1st which falls on a Wednesday. I may not be able to resist de-boxing Chrissy bedtime set. I also have a Johnny Depp Pirate doll I have been meaning to de-box but haven't had the time since I bought him last year. Johnny Depp is one of my favorites, so have been saving him.  I don't know if I will debox the playset of the washer and dryer yet as I have nowhere right now to put these, unless I work on Poppy and Ryan's home. Hubby has asked me what I want to do for my birthday- celebrate the weekend before or after? Part of me wants to stay home and do nothing but play! Another part of me just wants to take off and go shopping for more doll stuff!lol...

More pictures up as I finish things I am still working on!~Lisa


Muff said...

Wow, your blueberry creations are fantastic! The prep board is especially great.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! I had a great time making it. My dolls are slobs in the kitchen, and I thought, why not create something for a messy doll? (sort of like how I cook myself!)