Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barbie/Krissy bedtime score- new Etsy food items

My hubby and I were out antiquing or rummaging at some local antique stores and flea markets, and I scored big at one nearby in Tappahanock, near where I live. It was an antique store I had not been in, and it had this wonderful never removed from box Barbie/Krissy bedtime-- with the original crib and canopy! SQUEE! The best of all- only $12!!!!!!! I had been wanting this crib for a while, but wasn't willing to pay what some ebay sellers had it going for. I still have her in the box, but am going to wait until I have a moment and a clear idea what diorama this doll will go into.
On another note, the pot belly stove I got from Ebay arrived for the dugout and the one room schoolhouse project i have planned. It's great.

I have been creating more miniature food items for my Etsy shop . Be sure to check back as some items sell out, are relisted or I have new more intricate items. The new items are a little more complicated to create and  cost a little more, but I think will be a stunning addition to your dolls' diorama dining room, tea, or shop.
Here are the new three items-
5 tarts of 'Chocolate Delights'- come in tiny little tart pans. Chocolate tea cake 'tart' with fudge wedge, whipped cream, and chocolate sprays
fruit, bread, and cheddar  cheese board. All these items are glued on the board. Great for a dolls' wine tasting- comes with 2 french breads, bunch of green grapes and cheddar cheese slices and wedge.

Croissant and cheese board- this board has the ittems so you can move them about. Cheddar cheese wedge, cheddar cheese slices- sculpted together, 3 croissants, 1 round loaf.

All of these items are now in my Etsy store, and I am making and creating more! Hopefully I will have a photostory around soon with the foods, so stay tuned. 


Vanessa said...

Big time score on the doll! What is she doing to that poor baby? Poor thing. Good to see you creating again. Those chocolate tarts are making me hungry.

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Vanessa! Yes, she looks like she's doing dolly abuse in that package, doesn't she?lol...Package is a little dinged but good. It has been a while since I did any creating on this type of- for the last couple of years hubby and I have had both financial and family problems that just took my creativity to zip. Luckily, the dolls brought that back and I needed a project to get me working with clay again. It's like several years worth of creativity that's been bottled up and is finally coming to the surface again, and it feels good. My own type of therapy, lol.