Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I've been up to lately....

So a group of us from the fashion doll club get together just inpromptu from time to time, four of us friends. We bring dolls, pizza and have fun...hence our name on our pass around email- meetups of the fun four, lol.
We have loosely decided that Halloween will in full swing with our dolls. One of the girls wanted to do a nightclub scene, and another one,(Karon In Va on doll divas board- I'm Lisanva on doll divas) had the W club nightclub diorama setup. Well, she left it with me as I said I could probably build a nightclub scene for us for September, which could be a pre-dio party for Halloween, when we could do the 'creepy' or masquerade party/ball.

Right now, this is just a mockup- tell me what you think everyone! It is just pinned together and pics are taken with the flash- but with the chandelier ornament and the little pin lights, it really does look like a nightclub. I used three pieces of foamboard 2 black one white for the ceiling and walls, a black and white tiled placement from Pier One, and this was propped up next to the W Club door, so it looks like patrons have to come into the club from a hallway. The cops are out in the front in full force....The chaise lounge was a lucky find at Ross and the pictures are from the W Club's Moods collection, I save everything. All we need is more room, more dolls and a bar!
The diorama for the get together will probably be a little bigger, but I needed to do placement and figure out what I needed. My original dimensions are bigger than this, as the W Club door front is about 13? inches wide, I think and 21 inches high. I am making it for a four foot foldable card table so it can be accessible to all of us for pictures comfortably with the dolls and props. Right now, this is a mockup.


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Anonymous said...

Good Gravy, Lisa! I leave the Club Diorama at your house, and next thing I see is the SWAT team at the door .... what happened?!?!
Karon in Va