Friday, September 7, 2012

Teacher's meeting with Mr. Giles....

As my previous posts have said, I have been working on a layout for the new school in Barbietown. Although what I wish to build is more ambitious and bigger than the room I have for it, I decided to compromise and just make up a diorama room that could be changed out for a conference room, class rooms, etc. with accessories and props. Though I like things permanently set up, this will solve alot of the problems. And the Sunnydale high school library I am still figuring out dimensions on which even when I downsize on details, would be huge. For now, we will begin with the main conference room. Mr. Rupert Giles, who has long suspected vampire activity in Barbietown, has decided with the help of his wealthy niece, Baroness Agnes Von Weiss, to contribute funds towards a school, small at first, for the town that is dependant on the Baroness and her friends who vacation and live here. Because of the Baroness and the sensation she draws, boutiques, restuarants, and other small businesses are thriving, and people are moving to the town, so the town needs a school.

Mr. Giles arrives first to the conference room to see that all is in order; the first two new teachers who have been hired for the high school class and the elementary class will arrive soon.

Everything seems to be in order, fresh coffee made, and writing tablets , he's a few minutes ahead of schedule.Then the  teachers begin to arrive. Firsttoarrive is Michelle Graham, the  teacher in charge of the High School Students and some of the Middle School Students as well. Her job is a big one.

"Hello Mr. Giles, it is wonderful to finally meet you!" says Michelle, warmly shaking his hand.
" Nice to meet you Miss Graham. Glad you could make it, and thank you for taking on this job!" Giles remarks,
" Not at all! Wonderful chance with teaching a wide age group!"
meanwhile, the Elementary school teacher arrives as well.

Mr. Giles greets Charlotte Greaver, a bright young lady who is single and just moved to Barbietown. Giles was glad to find such a fresh young woman to take on the responsibility of organizing the elementary grades.
"Hello Miss Greaver,, we spoke on the phone yesterday. So glad you could make it! I am Rupert Giles, and this is Miss Graham, who will be incharge of the high school students to start with."
"Hello Mr. Giles!What a pleasure to meet you- I am so glad to be here!"
Everyone takes their seats at the conference table.

Mr. Giles nervously clears his throat, and begins. " I wish to thank you ladies for coming to this most important meeting, as we will have alot of work to do in forming the school of the town. As you know when you were hired, you will have a diverse age group to begin with, until more teachers can be hired and the school can be finished- which is currently under construction. We will be the first members of the school's staff."  Everyone claps and smiles all around, as this is special for all of them, to be contributing to the town's school reconstruction.
Giles continues. 'Now then, can each of you tell me how the first week with your students is progressing?  Anything out of the ordinary, any problems with parents or students? Also, I will need a list if you need any supplies for your classrooms.'

Charlotte begins....hesitantly.  " I daresay I could use some alphabet and number banners, so we can have the children see the alphabet and the primary numbers to begin with. ...but I have noticed something that is unusual."
Mr. Giles is apprehensive, but hides his facial features. "Yes? what is it that would be unusual?"

Charlotte continues. 'Well, every morning I get to the school about an hour early, and I am sometimes by myself until Michelle arrives. At first I thought it was a janitor, but then I realized that we do not have the janitor there in the mornings, then I thought it was Michelle arriving, but she comes right after me, since I open a different part of the building."
"What is it?" Giles asks.
Charlotte and Michelle both nod their heads, then agree.'Well, Mr. Giles, we have both heard it, seperately and together. At first Charlotte thought she was hearing things, but then I heard it too. We've heard someone walking thru the halls, slamming doors, lockers banging. When we go out to the room or hall where the noise is, there is no one there. Alot of times we are by ourselves in the early morning before school starts. It's really creepy.'
Mr. Giles nods, knowing what it is, but refraining from answering.

He now knows that the things he had feared about this place are beginning. First unexplained noises, objects moving without logic by themselves, all the tell tale signs he had dreaded and half hoped to hear.
" You can think of no explanation for these strange occurances, Miss Graham & Miss Greaver? Could it have been someone playing a prank?"

"We don't think so Mr. Giles. We wanted to avoid telling you, but you had said there might be vandals and all while the school was being rebuilt, so we thought we should report it to you. We thought maybe it was some kids hiding and playing pranks on us in the morning, and they might have just hid on the premises until we left." Michelle says.
"You were very wise. We have had problems with vandals in the past, and the behavior you have described, banging on lockers, slamming doors, that was one of the ways he upset a former staff member. I will call the police and have them patrol the area at the times you arrive at the school alone when I am not here, and when you leave after school hours." Giles feels he may have put their apprehension to rest for the moment with this plausible excuse.
Charlotte beams,"Thank you Mr. Giles! Is this all for today?"
Mr Giles- 'yes, yes, that is all. Be sure to send me your attendance records at the end of the week, so we can begin to keep accurate records of the students and their attendance, very important, you know,' and with that, the ladies begin to gather up their items to leave.

Michelle speaks before leaving."Thank you Mr. Giles, for putting my mind at rest. I thought I was going crazy for a bit- imagining things!'
'no problem at all, my dear. We all have those days. Good-bye and have a safe trip home,' Giles says
Charlotte: 'C'mon Michelle, let's stop by the cafe for a latte this evening!'
Michelle: 'Sounds like a plan! Good bye Mr. Giles!"

After they leave, Giles sits down and thinks clearly for a moment.
He sits and stares into space.

Slowly, he sighs and takes out his cell phone to make a call. Deliberately he dials in the number.
The phone rings, and a young woman answers on the other end.
Giles speaks.....'Buffy? I need you to come soon. Yes, it has started. "
~~~~~TO BE CONTINUED~~~~~~~~

Diorama NOTES:
Diorama was built of three sheets of foamcore, pinned together. Originally this was made to be a permanent roombox, but that has since changed.
Table and chairs- Reading Deluxe won on eBay
Coffee table and office supply table- both are 1996 Barbie teacher classrom items
office supplies- Rement, coffee cups, Rement, purple office chair, Mattel, notepads, party city quarter bin, plant- greenery from Michael's $1 bin and planter is a miniature dollhouse urn.
Door- foamcore covered in wood grained shelf paper; doorknob is a the clear safety end off of a BIC disposable razor, with a tpiin pushed thru the foamcore to hold in place. Floor is marbled shelf paper, silver columns are foamcore wrapped in silver gift wrapping paper, taped in place.

Storyline- I hope you have enjoyed the storyline. I have always wanted to create the library or a reasonable fact similar of Sunnydale high school's library.Hopefully, all the readers of the blog will enjoy my diorama endeavors and the storyline as it comes about...I am preparing for Halloween and Buffy 'patroling' the cemetary will be fun to create!


Roville said...

Well done. It is going to be fun to see Buffy. :D

Lisa said...

thank you! i'm currently collecting items for a buffy scene, so hopefully she will make her appearance soon.