Saturday, September 29, 2012

IT Doll Autumn & Fall in Barbietown

I received my IT Direct Exclusive 'Autumn' sometime last week but have not had time to take any really satisfactory pics of her until today. Loads of people passed on this little lady, and I think they missed out on a great doll.
She wears a black dress, adorable black shoes, and has pink hair. (In my viewpoint, a cheaper version - $50 - of Jem that was done for Hasbro...) I am thinking of making this little lady the leader of a band called The Seasons, and the other IT dolls will be in the band with her, as well as Rosie (my Fashionista Tattoo hybrid) along with Buck (my tattoo yard sale doll). Now onto pictures!

I have shown her here with Summer(yellow dress) and Spring (pink dress) and the sculpts are very nice, I think. I have always been attracted to Integrity's Dynamite girls because for the money you get a really nice doll...the exact opposite of Mattel. The clothing on these girls are adorable. The only one right now that has a really professional job in Barbietown is Evie (Spring in the pink dress) who is an administrative assistant for Agnes and plans her events, appointments, parties, etc.
With the dreary rainy day today- and it is chilly, after being so hot for so long! I decided to take today and stop lusting after the W Club's Tropicalia convention photos of dolls that I can't afford! lol....and get Barbietown ready for fall....pumpkins, haystacks, halloween preparations, and so on. That means getting the dolls dressed for fall shopping. So Agnes and Frank Sinatra Barbie were the first to get ready for fall shopping in Barbietown....

Agnes is wearing a sheath dress underneath the Silkstone trench coat, Tweed Indeed's purse, a Barbie scarf , FR Shoes, pearl jewelry. Frank Sinatra Barbie is wearing jeans, purple wrap sweater, Barbie Basics shoe boots and FR Purse from Going Public Eugenia. I thought she looked smashing in this outfit. I have another Frank Sinatra Barbie still in the box and this has become my favorite Barbie, that I carry about for size comparisons when out shopping (I have a large purse, lol) for props.
That's all for today, will have more in Barbietown later!


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Love Autumn! Black color is my favorite!

Lisa said...

thank you!

Muff said...

Love the idea of them being a singing group. I could see them at a cocktail event or swanky soiree.