Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School!

The Doll Divas message board has different picture posting themes, and one of the cutest ones I have seen is the current one- 'Back to School'.  Since I have been collecting various items like schooldesks and school furniture from yard sales, doll shows, and Ebay lots for a school diorama, I thought I would post my various items that just arrived today, along with pics from what I posted on Doll Divas.
My previous post I had requested those of you wishing to sell some of your 1996 Barbie school desks, the ones for Skipper and the ones for Kelly, as well as the teacher chair and desk, thank you for contacting me, I appreciate it. I am still looking for more Skipper desks and more Kelly desks.

Here is what arrived in the mail today:

It even came with a cute little playsink that Dixie is standing next to, and a rocking horse with a fluffy tail! I was really pleased that I grabbed this lot which had a BIN now price as well as an auction price. Too many times I have been outbid when a lot of the school items has both the desk, student desks, teacher chair PLUS the accessories! This will work wonderful for the kindgarden class or the 1st grade class. It also came with a bunch of neat accessories such as the books, globe, plants, and the tiny little books as well as some bins to hold the toys!

I added a few props and dolls from my school stash, and pretty soon school was in progress! I will need some more of those Kelly desks. (NOTE : If you are interested in selling the little Kelly desks like the ones pictured above, please email me at )

This little desk Dixie is sitting at with the chair I will also consider if you are selling it complete with the chair. I have another one of these coming from Ebay but it is an artist desk with artwork on it for Kelly. They are really cute, I purchased this with about three of the Skipper desks, a bookshelf and globe from a bin at a doll show for about $5 total, what a deal.
I found Julian on the clearance aisle at Walmart the other day- was so glad to get him- he was $5!
More school picture eye candy-

On a sidenote, I couldn't let the high school kids be neglected from Barbietown- so here are Buffy and Willow on their way to where else? Sunnydale High!
Buffy is a Sideshow as well as Willow. Prophecy Girl Buffy has a large body, so I redressed her in Ken's pants(the only ones that will fit) a handmade tube top and action figure jean jacket with her cross necklace. I have always wanted to do a Sunnydale high library.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I have had some fun today and yesterday arranging these items, and watching the kids in the neighborhood get on the bus in the morning while I'm doing it, LOL..I remember I never liked going to school but LOVED playing school with my dolls when I was small, so maybe some things never change! I remember when I used to drive to school after receiving my license alot of the kids would stop at the local convenience store for smokes and sodas, and candy in the morning---how I miss those politically incorrect days!(I went to high school inthe 80's, when people didn't care what you ate or if you smoked on the street.LOL...)

More pics to come, and hope you enjoy!~Lisa

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