Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stardoll clearance from Target

Target is having a clearance sale of its Stardolls and their clothing packs, at least the one near me was. Price was $7.48 score on the blonde with the cute tweed jacket and the punk rocker clothing pack. Walmart is still $10 on these items.

I have always been mystified why Mattel would price these pitiful straightbodied dolls out of the ballpark- ($19.99-29.00) I think the former retail price was, or thereabouts. Must have been smoking something to think someone would buy this doll over the Fashionistas. What is a shame is the face sculpts are nice on these dolls, but have a modern take on that awful vintage body, straight arms, straight legs, blah.
That said, a little drama came about with the Baroness when she smelled new clothes were being photographed without her inspecting them first. I should've known
Agnes: You must be new here, are you one of those pitiful bodied dolls on clearance from Target?
Stardoll: What the???????
Agnes: Simple question dear, I like your jacket. This company put such nice clothes on you! What a shame you cannot move your arms in it! And that brooch! I like this ensemble. Dress is trashy, but the Fashionistas love that sort of thing....
Stardoll: Look arrogant, overpriced, articulated doll, I'm WEARING the jacket...
Agnes: NOT for long........!
Agnes: YO! HUMAN!
Stardoll: What the F**??
Long Suffering Human who likes dolls- ME: Yes Agnes?
Agnes: This pitiful bodied doll has arrived with clothign that has not been modeled in my suite at the One Sixth Scale dollhouse! I assume you were going to give me the clothing when she loses her body, no?
Stardoll: What the--wait a minute! What do you mean, 'Lose the body???"
Long Suffering Human Who Likes dolls-Me: Well yes Agnes, I was going to bodyswap this Stardoll, I was taking photos when you sniffed out the clothing.But yes, you can have the outfit.
Agnes: Thank you. I must inform you however, the pivotal Frank sinatra in the box was meant for the Duchess of Cambridge, you will have to buy a Fashionista to give this one a suitable body...
Stardoll: WAIT A MINUTE! This isn't fair! This articulated bimbo gets my clothing and I lose my body????That isn't fair!
Stardoll: F%*@#ing Target Clearance sale!
As you can see, Agnes has made her wishes known in the dollhouse. I will probably be going to Target for ever more clearance items, as I cannot resist these clothes.
NOW, a note from your diorama specialist:

The dolls may suck as far as their bodies go, but the packaging on these dolls and their outfits offers infinite possibilities for diorama shop windows! I carefully took the doll and the accessories outof the package and carefully cut out the parts that were not needed. The pictures on the accessory packaging can be used as poster/picture placement in a shop window, model agency, or something of the sort. The backgrounds will be perfect with curtains for my Boutique window in Barbietown, and possibly an additional corner window of another shop if I'm feeling ambitious.
The packaging will make great backdrops for a shop window, and I jumped on this packaging since I need to re-decorate the window for Barbietown. That is, if Agnes doesn't swipe everyone's clothing before they get out of their packaging!LOL!...


Maria said...

I love the clothes, no wonder Agnes want them. Never seen these Starrdolls in Holland.

Tracy India said...

Awesome deal! I hope I can still find at least one of these girls, just for the fashion. I actually did buy three of them for $19.99. Like most dolls now days, I bought Fashionistas dolls just for their bodies, and rebodied my Star Dolls. The Fashionistas heads are ridiculously big and I find them to look like cartoons. Most of their fashion's are pretty cheesy. I would probably always prefer a doll over them, but again, will buy them for their articulation. :)

Muff said...

There's about to be a girl fight! Poor Stardoll, lol.

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

You are sooo funny! Willing to see a new StarFashionista. Hugs, natalia

Lisa said...

This thought occurred to me when I was taking some pics and my favorite Agnes was nearby- I knew she was eyeing that jacket!lol!

I have a fashionista that might bite the dust- I probably need to buy a pale skinned one for this little lady.I agree with you on the big head problem!

More to come when I get some time!

Vanessa said...

Yea! I'm finally able to comment. Congrats. Nice to see that $7.48 price is making it around to the other Targets. I agree with you about the packaging. I have the backdrops sitting in one of the boutiques temporarily. I also thought of using them in someone's personal closet.