Thursday, September 27, 2012

New dolls! Truly Madly Deeply Agnes & High Envy Erin

New dolls arrived last week, but I was so taken up with tweaking the dolly diorama for the Fun Four meetup on Saturday, I took pictures  but didn't post about it. Truth to tell, I was pooped after the dolly fun PLUS I was working on my Buffy structure for Halloween and Barbietown. PLUS I had a ton of work for the Ebay store, website, and my hubby's business, LeoPaul and Associates , (I do alot of the paperwork, and invoicing while hubby is in the field or at meetings)....soooooooo anyways, pretty active.

Anyhow, Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes and High Envy Erin arrived!here are the pics I took before the rest of the Fun Four arrived on Saturday.

I have to say, at first I was irritated as all get out to receive both invoices for these dolls at the same time....though now I would say THEY ARE WORTH IT! Sheesh, Agnes is just- well my favorite doll, and I do not own an Erin. I have seen this beauty all over the dolly boards being sold, and I do not know how anyone can bear to part with her. She is gorgeous! I love how they subtly did a somewhat 'chic' what I refer to as a gothic look with elegance...her red hair is subtly streaked black on the sides. Her shoes, jewelry and purse are gorgeous.
Agnes, well, whenever Integrity does Agnes Von Weiss- I now have three of these ladies, all with different hair and makeup and skin tones.....I love this beauty. The thing I love about her the most is she more mature looking than my Concerto in M Agnes or Regal Solstice. She looks like a mature, (around her late forties) type with that hair do. I need all the mature people I can get in my dolly world. Happy Family Grandma is somewhat lonely. lol....

Just a day before these two lovelies arrived, Sideshow 'Hush' Buffy the Vampire slayer arrived from Ebay as well- in her box. Sorry I ddin't get photos. Though I despise the molded hair I loved the more slimmer body. Prophecy Girl should have used this head mold with rooted hair. Or is sideshow just being cheap. The clothing was wonderful. This looks more like Michelle Gellar than Prophecy Girl, but she might become my favorite Buffy. Even though I redressed Prophecy Girl she just looks like one doll out of the looney bin.

here is a comparison-

'Hush' Buffy has a slimmer body. Prophecy Girl can only wear very large fashion doll clothes and mainly Ken clothing and action figure guy clothing....that jean jacket is from Cotswold Collectibles and the pants are from a Ken clothing set. The tube top is a strapless item handmade from an ebay seller. Hush Buffy came with stakes, arrow gun, and vampire book that is unable to open. I really liked her melancholy faraway look she has and her clothing was top notch. Her nice black boots are molded on, socks are painted, and she also comes with a neat little stand made to look like cobblestone that her heels have holes, and the prongs on the stand go into the holes in her shoes, sort of like the old vintage Barbies. She stands better without the lame stand.

Above is the 'Abbey' structure, that I am currently working on. It is madeof cardboard, builder's foam, foamcore and will house all of the secrets of the Slayer....sounds spooky, doesn't it? Buffy is currently standing in the doorway, which is carved out of builder's foam. I cut the doorway too large in the box so built it up with strips of builder's foam. The spray paint eats at the foam a little bit and creates this decrepit look...I am going to make the door of foamcore. I haven't yet taken pics of the floor, which I'm proud of since it is made of cardboard! I need to cut more cardboard for the roof and create stonework on the sides.
The story of this structure is there is a old, vacant, forgotten cemetary with the legendary crypt of Dracula an ancient abandoned monastary. The crypt is empty, and so is this structure, which will soon become a meeting place/hide out for Giles and his library and Buffy to hone her slayer skills. Or maybe it will just be a place to patrol. Or maybe a place for Dracula to! You get it. I set myself an incredibly low budget with making this, and have had fun every stepof the way, since it started out as a cardboard Scotch bubble wrap box that my bubble wrap comes in! I think I have only bought spray paints and acrylic paints and glue, that's it. So far I'm on track with my low budget for this diorama...and of course, the $1 halloween tombstones from the dollar tree and Michael's for the cemetary part of course. lol.


Adrian said...

They are gorgeous :) I love what they did with Agnes's hair and the jewelry is always very beautiful. Now, Prophecy Girl and the looney bin comment! LOL

Vita Plastica said...

I've got Erin on the way too. I can't wait to meet her. That girl does not take a bad photo!

Lisa said...

Hi Adrian. I kind of wish Integrity would do a Buffy series, can you imagine the face sculpts and decent bodies?? (Swooning here..) but I guess Jason Wu & Alain are only for dolls that can wear heels with their girl is a mess by Sideshow...

Vita, You won't be disappointed. At first from the promo pics I went, ho hum, go ahead and order, won't bond with her. I opened the box and BAZINGA! There is an elegance with her edgy goth look, not trampy gothic like the teenagers are into, but gorgeous elegant ...those earrings are to die for!
thank you both for reading the blog!

Muff said...

Talk about swaggalicious! Agnes and Erin have it in spades.

That Sideshow Buffy is quite nice. The likeness around the eyes is most prominent.

Love, love, love what we can see of the Abbey so far.

Lisa said...

Thank you Muff!