Monday, September 3, 2012

Dolly Labor Day....

Since today is Labor Day, I figured today was a perfect day with the rainy weather outside, it was a good day to sort and look at the dolls I had, in preparation for the upcoming holidays I want to decorate Barbietown. First I went thru the big plastic bin and fished out the dolls I could get to from the closet. Here they are in the middle of Barbietown.

I found my Wizard of Oz Dorothy and the wicked witch, Ricky Santa (I use him every year at Christmas0 and my two Target Barbies in their pj's, a western barbie who I stole her clothes for Poppy, Marie Osmond and a vintage Midge, as well as a bunch of Christmas and Halloween Kellys and Chelseas.
Here's a look at how I got them organized.......

I was able to organize the standing doll shelf where the extra dolls stand until they find lives in Barbietown...the Kellys and the Chelseas, I didn't realize I had so many- and I downsized not too long ago! (I think I actually have more!)  I had to put the Kellys and Chelseas on the first floor of the tiny bjd's dollhouse. (This is my very first dollhouse I had when I was nine or ten years old, I think it was built on a 1 1/2 inch to the foot, for Madame Alexanders. Still works for 1:12 scale.

So I did some cleanup in the corner near Mickey's shop and in front of the Strawberry Hill dollhouse, which I haven't really been able to get to.

As you can see, I have a nice new space for another place in Barbietown! And what I am currently hoping to build is a school scene school props are growing...Today I found the dollar store alphabet border that would look great in the kindergarden and elementary school rooms. I also did an inventory on the Kelly, Skipper, and friends dolls that would be the students. I think counting these dolls PLUS my Only Heart and the Mini American Girl dolls, I have more than enough kids. But only two boys....a Todd and a 1996 little infant toddler boy. So maybe an all girls school academy??

My fashionista barbie is dressed in a nice dress and would be one of the teachers, (she's standing with Stacey on the shelf with the schoold esks and props. That little doll is a generic Kelly from Cracker Barrel store, I have another one as well. They were cute.

As far as the school I was thinking of having a playground, a library (My Watcher Giles needs a library and he could also double as a principle) lower floor could be the lower grades, elementary and the library, upper level could be the high school classes with hallway for lockers and perhaps a cafeteria?? I am still attempting to mesh this out with measurements. I need to measure how much room I have to work with beside Mickey's. Either that, or clear out two shelves for the schoolroom dioramas.  So right now we are at the drawing board.
But for now, here are some new pics of Barbietown!

In the last two pictures you can see how much space I have to walk and arrange, not much! the lower shelves and first floor room of the One Sixth Scale dollhouse are difficult to work on, and my back suffers if I have to get onthe floor.
In the first pic is my repainted Ken talking to one of hte basics girls in a cop outfit- I had purchased it long ago off of Ebay, he looks good in it.
You might have noticed a couple of trees near the dollhouse, I went to Williamsburg on Saturday shopping with Mom, and we stopped at the Yankee Candle outlet as well as the Christmas mouse- which is where I purchased the little trees. The 15 inch one was $9 and the 12 inch one was $6. They are better made than the ones at Walmart or the dollar store as they have a resin base, that is heavy so they do not tip over.

I found some wonderful Buyer's choice items I would love to use, but are pricey, so I might troll Ebay first to see if I can get a better deal on those items. Buyer's choice is between 1:4 and 1:6 scale. I would love to have the fence, the clock, and the lamp post as well as the carriage! That would be so great for Barbietown! The fences are two styles, a picket fence and a wire rod iron fence, with wreath garlands on them.
I will probably go back down to Williamsburg after the sales start, and get more of these trees. I am gonig to look for lights to decorate them with, so Barbietown can be lit up at Halloween and Christmas. With my Michaels' and Hobby Lobby coupons, I might be able to get the small ornaments to decorate these trees with. Buyer's choice has amazing trees with snow on them, that would be great to use too.
More to come on the diorama end- and I am still working on the Fun Four's nightclub diorama as well! So lots more in diorama dreamland to come too!
I am currently looking for Barbie school items from the 1996 teacher Barbie series, desks for both Kelly and Skipper, as pictured above for my school. If you are interested in selling them at a reasonable cost please email me at
I would prefer a lot of them- such as the school desks, Kelly desks, Kelly playground, Barbie school lockers, and the teacher desk and chair. Right now, I am trolling Ebay for these items.

Above are the current items I have so far, one teacher's lab desk, kelly desk and chair, 3 school desks, one cubby shelf, and one glove and another item that looks like a tub. If you have similar items I would be intersted in purchasing, please contact me so we could figure out a fair price. If you have the Little Tykes playground or Little Tykes desks, would be open to them as well. I may need a desk bigger than the Kelly one and smaller than the Skipper one for the Mini American Girl dolls.
Thank you!~Lisa

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