Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Miniature band instruments arrival...

The band instruments I won in a lot on Ebay arrived yesterday and what a haul! 8 guitars mad eof plastic, two or three had straps, 2 speakers/amps, 1 keyboard, 1 set of drums(drums have a pedal where the symbol thingy goes up and down, but no stool or drumsticks, Buck is sitting in a rement chair) There is a pedal thingy that plugs into one of the speakers, and when the pedal is pushed music plays. One of the pink guitars plugs into it so the doll can look like she is controlling the speakers. Very nice set well made, though I am thinking of making those pink drums silver with either decorative duct tape or paint.
My repainted Fashionista Racquel aka Rosie, looks great on the keyboard as a punk rocker, and Rock Steady looks fab with that red and white electric guitar. So the band set is coming along for the doll meetup with my friends on Saturday. This set/lot cost me only 9.99 plus shipping on Ebay, well worth it.
I have been neglecting getting the finishing touches on the W club nightclub but I think it is ok, I can make some doors from foamcore, I have been a little lazy on this endeavor as I worked on the spooky cemetary setup for Buffy for upcoming Halloween dioramas I want to do and a storyline with Giles. One of my problems with my halloween dolls like Buffy and Giles is there is nowhere to properly showcase their cool props and to do a proper storyline that fits in with the fantasy of Barbietown. This will be in another post when I have more pictures to showcase the structure I am working on. The remaining space in Barbietown will house a structure and cemetary . It was originally supposed to be a mausoleum to house Dracula's crypt, but the crypt is too large and takes up too much space, so the structure will be an old disused Monastary /Abbey library, that is secret, adjoinging the cemetary. Haven't decided whether it will be Giles' secret watcher library, or a scientist thingy , probably both. For those of you who didn't know, I love to watch classic black and white horror flicks with Lon Chaney, Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and the like on Saturday nights on Svengooli which comes on about 9 or 10 pm, lol. I also sometimes watch Twilight Zone, and all the old tv flicks , my husband enjoys it too. Sideshow toys made some wonderful 1:6 figures which I am still trying to collect- one of my favorites is Ardeth Bey, from the movie the Mummy. This diorama set will house all of my Buffy figures, the W  club count dracula and his brides that I have on my 'list' to collect, and so on. I want a sideshow Frankenstein bad, but am now willing to pay over escalated prices- lol....so that is what is to come. Enjoy the band pics! and be sure to check out my flicker albums for the progress on the library and cemetary.


Miranda Ixie said...

The instruments look GREAT! I'm so excited to see how this all plays out (pun unintended, but you know what I mean).

And I can't wait to see the cemetery and crypt! I really like that there's a place for everyone in your world. That's pretty awesome. Headed to Flickr now!

Lisa said...

I worked on the Abbey today, creating the door out of cardboard, it's drying. Still have a long ways to go. There are some pics of 'Hush' Buffy I took standing in the doorway....but it is looking really good in my honest opinion despite being made out of well, leftover crap. I was one of those kids who played with the boxes! I think it says alot of your skills not only as a miniaturist but a model/diorama builder if you can take nothing and make something out of it from an artistic standpoint. And it suits my cheap side too, lol