Thursday, August 30, 2012

New furniture arrivals...

Had to post about my recent score on Ebay that just arrived yesterday....a Reading Deluxe table and chairs set! It only has three chairs; but no matter, I love love love it- especially the deal I found it at! The same seller was selling the schoolteacher's lab desk, I think or teacher desk. These items all came yesterday. I am really beginning to acquire a school stash. So far I have three desks, the globe, a little tub that turns on its top, bookcase nook, and a little playdesk and chair set that will fit Kelly. I need more desks, and now, a chair for the teacher. May use one of the Reading Deluxe chairs. I would love to do a schoolroom diorama set for the future. Right now collecting the items for that. The shelf where this stash is has many items on it, spare stands, a leopart chaise lounge, dolls and other props not in use but nearby on my prop shelf if I need them with spare dolls.

NEWS--- A 1:6 scale Bespaq tea table auction!
By the way, this flawed Round Bespaq tea table is on my Ebay auctions right now, shown are some pictures below. This tea table will end tomorrow- click HERE to go to the auction. Here are some photos of the item with Barbie, and Fashion Royalty dolls. It will also fit French Fashion dolls/poupees. This is the same tea table, which measures 6 inches high 9 inches wide but with a variety of different fashion dolls. This item ends tomorrow, August 31st as of this writing.


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