Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holly's apartment....

Sometimes we should take pictures...just because. And I sometimes feel that way about building Barbietown...Just because I  I had cleared off the shelf and Miss Happiness is now one of Barbietown's nameless residents. I decided to make this shelf the living room area of Holly Golightly, a recent arrival off of Ebay that I was lucky enough to score- Breakfast at Tiffany's at 6 am.

I also took the oppurtunity last night to debox the Jonathan Adler sofa I purchased a couple of years ago- Ithink. I really could kick myself for not ordering two., as well as the Jonathan adler barbie, which I really loved.

Here are a few pics of Holly after coming home having her breakfast at Tiffany's, and flopping down with her coffee. I really wish they had included the little pastry bag with this set. She is soo iconic. I would love to redress her but am hesitant. The only problem I have had with her is her necklace will not stay fastened.
Holly's apartment is right now on a shelf. I have never watched this movie- hard to believe Iknow so I have no idea what Holly's apartment really does look like. The rug is a felt square from Michael's, table is OOAK Bespaq, and I have a chandelier ready to hand as well. Walls are foamcore covered with black contact paper. I do not know if I will have room to do a bedroom for Holly, this room may change around a bit because of space limitations, though I would love to build a bedroom for her.
I am slowly working on acquiring the other Breakfast with Tiffany's dolls, they were not that popular. I would love to have How do I look?, Five and Ten, and A Girl I know named Holly. These dolls came at the same time as the celebrated Sabrina dolls I missed out on as well.
I also re-did the window at the Boutique in Barbietown- it is now summer and the window is ready for new customers...

The sundress and shoes have caught Rosie's eye- everything matches her hair and her tattooes!
Have a great Sunday!

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