Saturday, July 7, 2012

Custom work continued- Marie Antoinette bed..

I finished alot of work on the remaining two sides of the headboard, as well as the curtain/drapes behind the headboard. Still alot more to do, but it came out better than I expected. I also edged the mattress with champagned cording..
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Forgive my poor pictures, I am using lights held above or one the sides of the scene, so I played with lighting quite a bit to get the pictures I wanted. The two side panels tufted are hand tufted and the curtains are sheer fabric, pleated and tucked to give the effect of curtains puffed, above that gilded headboard piece. I am thinking of doing sheer panel swags with fringe at the top of the canopy on the front.  It took the better part of today and last night, stopping frequently because of my hands sweating because of the heat. Overall, I think I managed to achieve the effect I wanted, I simply adore how it looks like an aclove at the headboard. More pillows will appear, of course. Vanessa or one of the other dolls needs an over the top negligee to model on this...I used her because her evening gown drapes so beautifully over the blue....
I hope you enjoy the pics!

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Miranda Ixie said...

Absolutely beautiful! It looks so cozy, and yet completely decadent! AWESOME! Nice work!