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We are now on Facebook and have our own Fan page- it was about time. I have the blog hooked/linked in with Network Blogs which posts on my Facebook page as well as the King William Miniatures facebook page. (Yeah, I think I have too many Facebook pages, lol) Anyhow, click on The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse Facebook Fan page and like us to become a fan!

First, I would like to thank you all for the kind comments on my over the top bed I have been working on. I am usually hesitant about posting works in progress, but as this was something I had wanted to do, I also wanted to share the progress, which in my opinion, is half the fun of creating it to begin with. Today I went to the fabric store to buy some material for the drapes behind the headboard, as well as trims, braids, and cording. So far, I have one side panel tufted and the mattress trimmed. One problem is I have to occasionally stop on my progress as the heat makes my hands sweat so much. Though we have air conditioning the record breaking temperatures outside- 103 degrees today- tomorrow on Saturday it is projected to be 107 I think, or hotter. This makes our cooling system work overtime. I am hoping to make a great deal of progress on the canopy so I began the little details such as the tassel work, and the room display for the bed.

Today I would like to address some questions I have had here in my Comments section as well as on Saucy Suwi's blog Facebook Group Fashion Doll Dioramas . Kirsten Elizabeth had asked if I could post some links to places where it would be possible to purchase supplies or materials, since she lived in Norway. So here are some links to some reliable places for all. And please check out my links on the left sidebar of this blog- I have tried to make it a resource for all with links to message boards, artists I know who also work in 1:6 scale as well as 1:12 scale and remember, most of your message boards such as the Doll Divas and the One Sixth Scale Warrior have tutorials on dioramas, faceups, and building incredible sets out of nothing.
Dollhouse Emporium located in the United Kingdom, they have a stunning selection and also give free gifts and sometimes free shipping. Though mostly 1:12 scale you will find an incredible selection of garden items such as urns, Ruetter Porcelain items that will work such as small vases, tea sets, etc. as well as building supplies, ornate plasterwork for walls, wallpapers, flooring, and carpets as well. You can request a printed catalog to be sent to you & they have an online forum as well
Norm's Dollhouse  located in Denver Colorado in the USA. One of my great friends, an online buddy of Miranda Wandering  works there and they have an amazing selection.

Hobby Builder's Supply- HBS  A very good miniature online supply dealer. They will send out free catalogs and have good prices, especially for the beginning miniaturist. Also have coupons and can request a printed catalog. Sign up as a new member on their facebook page and you get an extra 10% off the percentage of being a new customer when you register online.
And now - some links that are not necessarily 1:6 scale, but great for inspiration and materials- more on the pricey side, but some of my favorites as far as producing a quality project.

The Lawbre Company don't discount them or their prices- great people to deal with, I used to carry their stunning components when my shop was open and use their components when I built in 1:12 scale. Stunning garden ornaments, fencing, as well as the plasterwork for walls, murals, ceillings as well.

Frogmorton Studios website of the fabulous Rik Pierce, and his amazing miniature works of art & workshops in paperclay.  He does many of these miniature workshops or at miniature shows in the USA as well as the UK & Europe. His pictures are worth looking at for inspiration on different styles of decor as well as how to work with paperclay, which I myself have used on the exterior of the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse for exposed brick
EV Miniatures makes the MOST amazing miniature books, scrolls, orrys, and miniature 'magical ' items ...Ericka also works in larger scales, contact her via email. Real miniature books that open and close, are blank, etc. She makes wonderful items for miniature libraries, and her 1:12 scale items would work for 1:6 scale as well. Sells on Etsy, and Ebay under minifood, which she also creates too

Hobbytown USA models galore and remote control cars, airplanes, etc. Great resource for railroad landscaping supplies, paints, etc. If you need tools, this is one of the places to go- I have a store near me and love it- especially since alot of the remote control cars have items such as decals, tools, etc in 1:6 scale

Woodcrafter's one of my all time favorite places to go for exotic woods and wood veneers, and wood veneer edgebanding which I used for miniature plank floors when I used to build customs. My stash of exotics is still in my 'stash' drawer, and exotic veneers paired with the right stain can really jazz up a miniature table top including those in 1:6 scale. My favorite is birds eye maple.

Elf Miniatures in the UK? Sells kitchen and bathroom kits I think, in 1:6 scale as well as 1:6 scale prams or baby strollers. Works alot in contemporary or modern decor

Ron Hubble Miniatures great to just drool mainly in 1:12 scale and teaches workshops at miniature shows in the USA & Europe and does commissions. (I get alot of my inspiration from artisans like this...)

Susan Bembridge Designs period wallpapers, fabrics wonderful high end and quality designs. Located in the UK.ALSO carries wood, stone, brick papers as well. Printed silks and cottons in miniature.

I think this is a good beginning for places to begin if you are a beginner to building in any scale. Though I myself started in 1:12 scale and smaller, then went to 1:6 scale, a rule of thumb to always remember is it can be resized to fit any scale- but fabrics- especially prints, and most of all- COLOR- have to be 'miniaturized' as well. Though I know many people are drawn to the bright colors of mod and retro, sometimes I find them better received and more in scale, if muted then too 'bold'..
One great way to begin to 'see' with the eye of a miniaturist is the habit to be able to take everyday trash or treasure and turn it into something for your dioramas or dollhouse- for instance, a small pillbox cover may work as a stunning pillbox hat for Barbie or our Fashion Royalty girls, or flipped over and painted silver, a great tray to hold drinks! the pill bottle itself may make an excellent umbrella stand or trash receptacle if painted or covered with paper. In working on my bed, I used pieces from broken items that couldn't be repaired, and sketched and looked at pictures quite a bit before building. I hope I have helped with some of these links, and enjoy! I hope to have more progress on the Palais bed this weekend with another blog entry soon!

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