Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They've arrived!

So my  W club dolls have arrived...yesterday. It is just today that I have finally got around to taking some quick pics and I love both of them! I opted for both dolls when purchasing my membership last year...especially the chance to own Dream Teen Poppy and a Natalia.

I ordinarily do not like tan dolls....that turned me off of Going Public Eugenia, Cruise Control Vanessa, and Sweet Confection Poppy...I don't know if the sculpts look weird to me or what.  But Natalia is awesome- and those shoes and that purse! I see them being sold for big bucks on ebay...the purse really zips open!

So I definitely think these ladies will be staying...the outfits were beautiful, especially the accessories. I simply adore Poppy's shoes, I did not put her gloves on, that is something I miss, when ladies actually wore matching shoes, purse, gloves and hats. (yeah, I'm only 47, but I still remember my mother and grandmother dressing to go shopping in the 60's...when shopping used to be a trip and not a drive-by type of experience like today...lol..)
I will definitely take some better more in depth pictures of the dolls....later. I am working on a photostory continuing the dolls, Ricky, Hannah & Ryan McDonald, as well as giving Barbietown a re-vamp before a playdate coming up with some friends! So stay tuned!

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