Thursday, July 5, 2012

Custom work...what I've been up to...

I have been up to quite a bit of customizing, and managed to squeeze these two Custom Bespaq Bijou tea tables in today.
Gold custom Bijou table click Here
Silver Custom Bijou Table click Here
Both tables are on ebay now; the MH w/ gold ends 7/10 & the WN w/ Silver ends 7/12. Both with reasonable starting bids of $25 each

But my real distraction has been some of the dolls want ever more extravagant furniture, so I have hastened to comply. I have been working on a very exotic bed for the last few days, here is Vanessa modeling for me. I still have alot of work to do on the bed.

Here was my inspiration:

Shown are pictures of Marie Antoinette's bed at Versailles, as well as pictures of herself holding a rose , her signature, and Kirsten Dunst who played her in the movie in 2006. The bed is simply stunning to drool at. I believe these are the summer linens shown in the above pictures. Even today, almost over 200 years later, when we hear Marie Antoinette Style, we think of luxury, chic, simplicity with a dazzling abundance of color, as well as simplistic lines.
Here are some sneak peeks of my bed- though hardly to be compared with the one above...

The bed has been constructed in pieces, I still have work to do on the base as well as the canopy pieces, plus a huge amount of sewing to do for the coverlets and pillows, and trims. The canopy will have puddle drapes. I finished the two pillows shown, the headboard and the mattress yesterday. This bed is quite large as you can see Rock Steady Romain is standing next to the bed and he is not taller than it....I had purchased this blue satin silk a year or two ago to create a gown for Gracie, my MSD sized bjd, but it looks better on the bed!
More coming soon when I get the bed done...all for now, and enjoy the pics!


Roville said...

The bed is gorgeous. Well done, Lisa.

Kirsten Elisabeth said...

Stunning, you make such wonderful things and clothes and dolls! I am deep into dolls, but cant afford buying so much, since my better half dont see the point in me using money on such things:(
But anyways, is it hard to find stuff to make things out of?
I live in Norway and it is not much dollstuff here I can tell you. I would appreciate if you can link to some good stores for things and materials to buy.

Lisa said...

Roville, thank you so much- I admire your dioramas -that is a compliment!

Kirsten Elizabeth- thank you. Actually, though my dolls live like Royalty, I myself cannot afford to buy many things. I have been fortunate in that I had started out building /customizing 1:12 scale; and moved to 1:6 which was more challenging, since nothing is really 'ready' made.
There are many stores & links on the sidebars, I do not know what type of stores you may have in Norway, but you can probably order online as well. I can recommend many dollhouse miniature shops carry the miniature building supplies you may need to build in 1:6 - many 1:12 scale items are very comparable to use, such as flooring, mini carpets, trims, windows, etc. In a few upcoming posts I will try to add some links to shops that cater to the USA & Europe, as well as miniature artisans I know who carry 1:6 scale.