Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20% off sale in my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios

I'm having a 20% off sale in my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios and many of these Ebay store items have Free shipping! I need to make room, room , room on my stock shelves to bring in more items. (I sometimes think my home and garage look like a scene from the Hoarders!LOL!)

This includes but isn't limited to- dollhouse components, past issues of Miniature Collector, large scales of Bespaq- 1:6, 1:4, & 1:3! Custom Bespaq by me, and more! There are some items that have limited stock- such as only one or two, so shop now!

Sale lasts July 17th thru July 21st!

Thanks for shopping- and don't forget our Ebay Auctions !

Customized Bespaq walnut with gold swan vanity- on sale NOW!

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